Happy Monday!  Don’t you love the start of a new week?  Everyday I (thankfully) wake up to lots and lots of Ashley Brooke Designs emails.  And sometimes, as integrated into our lives as email is, we all need to be reminded of special etiquette tips concerning this form of communications.  
Human Contact Still Matters:  Sometimes e-mail just won’t cut it.  Don’t use email as a way to avoid personal interaction.  Asking your boss for a raise or breaking up with a boyfriend, still requires face to face time.
Watch What You Say and How You Say It: Remain courteous no matter what.  Sometimes e-mail can feel anonymous and you may be compelled to say things you would not otherwise communicate.  Treat an e-mail like any other form of communication and make sure you are conveying exactly what it is you want to say in the most respectful way.
Be Careful When Clicking Send: Once you click send there is no going back.  So be absolutely certain that you are OK with what you are sending and that you are in fact, sending it to the right person!

(sourced from Etiquette by Emily Post)


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