Ashley Brooke Designs _ June 2012

Good morning and Happy Monday to you!! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, mine was filled with LOTS of birthday cake! Speaking of birthday cake, my oh-so-thoughtful in-laws ordered me a very sparkly and extra Oreo cheesecake from our local bakery that was beyond good! Honestly, you can really never go wrong when there is glitter + extra Oreos involved! They have me all figured out since I’ve been known to go through the McDonalds drive through on a bad day and order an Oreo McFlury with extra Oreos…  the secret is out! Anyway, here is a little peek into my weekend (oh and my camera has died a sad death due to a water bottle + handbag explosion…. so just bare with me on my iphone photos..)!

Photo 1: On Saturday morning my family met for a birthday brunch at the Briarpatch. Brunch was BIG in our house when I was growing up, every Saturday morning my dad would make us his specialty pancakes while my sister, mom, and I flipped through magazines at the kitchen table and chatted about everything from boys to what we should wear to school on Monday! So when it comes to celebrations or birthdays in my family, we always like to get together for a good ole’ brunch!

Ashley Brooke Designs _ June 2012

Photo 2: At brunch my parents gave me this beautiful silver tray that was my moms.  Twenty-five is your silver birthday, which made this gift even more special… I tried very hard not to cry happy tears over my grits!

Ashley Brooke Designs _ June 2012

Photos 3: Since B and I sort of share a birthday,(mine’s the 9th & her’s is the 10th) we always make the most of it! We spent one afternoon swapping gifts, eating cupcakes, and getting pedicures! I love having a birthday bestie!

P.S. No, your eyes are not fooling you… B wrapped up my gift (the pink one!) with a hot pink belt! If that isn’t clever I don’t know what is?! I’m officially stealing that idea and am doing it with scarfs, headbands, and of course belts… genius!

Okay, I’m off to tackle my to-do list! I hope your Monday is off to a great start! Oh and make sure you check back this week, there is lots of fun stuff happenin’ over here, include a brand new ABD: Styled post!

Cheers to a wonderful and productive week!


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