Frontgate Scalloped Umbrella, Marble Table, Bistro Chairs, Lounge Chair & Palm Pillow c/o

My Favorite Spot

It’s no secret that we love our little backyard, it’s most definitely the space we spend the most time in. A few years ago Ryan re-did the entire thing (HIMSELF!!) and ever since then we’ve fallen more and more in love with it. Our yard isn’t big, but it’s charming and we’ve maximized every single square inch of the space! It’s become our little oasis, and especially during this season!

Little by little we’ve added more pots, furniture, and new spaces. We scooped up these lounge chairs, palm pillows, scalloped umbrella, and table for our lawn… and guys, they are SO FUN! I’ve been dreaming about backyard chaise lounge chairs for FOREVER, now is quite literally the perfect time for them. On Saturday mornings we set everything up and have our coffee and read books. Tt is HEAVEN! I can not tell you how much joy these chairs give me. I keep joking with Ryan that now all we need is an inflatable pool and we’ll be good to go!

Backyard Lounge Chairs

Ryan’s latest project was our side deck (He’s working on a tutorial for you, don’t you worry!), a place for his smoker, grill, and a table and chairs! When he was building it I couldn’t really imagine us using it all that much but oh-my-gosh we practically LIVE there now. And this marble table and these bistro chairs have become some of our favorite pieces in our entire backyard. SO functional and comfortable! We eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner out here now! And truthfully it feels like we are at a little cafe. 😉

The Bistro

Since we can’t really leave our house, it has been fun to have these little spaces to “getaway” to every now and again. I look forward to Saturday mornings on the lawn and my morning coffee at the bistro, such a sweet treat!

Another Pretty Spot

Also, please don’t miss out on my good friend Paige’s “Back Porch Vacation“.  It’s honestly SO UNREAL her eye for detail and color is unlike anything I’ve ever seen! I wish I could snuggle up into one of those couches with my cup of coffee come Monday morning! But seriously guys, it’s worth a scroll, go check it out.

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  1. Oh my gosh!!!! This just gets better as you keep scrolling! Your backyard is a dream. The plants, flowers, perfectly kept yard is just to die for. And totally has a little cafe feel to it FOR SURE. I am getting my backyard area cleaned up (with all my spare time from not working due to COVID-19) and rather than cleaning up the debris and leaves all by myself, I hired professional deck, house and driveway power washers  to come and get me off to a great start! It was well priced and I feel like I have a nice, clean slate to work with. Also, def entering that giveaway–what a dream!!!

  2. You have maximized this space so beautifully! I love the little bistro spot. So happy to see your little Dolly enjoying in the most 🙂 xxx

  3. Hi Ashley!

    Your space looks amazing, especially the little café! I’m actually thinking your backyard is the perfect size – big enough to fit everything enough, small enough not to spend your entire day weeding 🙂

  4. Just amazing what you guys have done to the yard. It is gorgeous, truly an oasis, and I am glad you shared the before shots in an earlier post!

    Do you plan to leave your lounge chairs in the yard? I’ve often wondered about maintenance of the gorgeous set up you have. It must be time consuming. I know my screen porch, decks and furniture gets so messy!

    • Hi Wanda!
      Thank you so much!!

      Also, we don’t leave the chairs out, we put them on the side of the house and have a cover for them…. we’ve been bringing them out every weekend, it’s a nice little treat! We do leave the bistro set out though!

      Hope that’s helpful!

      xo – AB

  5. Cute pooch and I love your Bistro chairs. The umbrella is adorable, such a fun addition. Makes all others rather boring I think.

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