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Let’s See If We Can Fancy it Up!

A few months ago we started a bit of a Master Bedroom makeover of sorts. To be completely honest with you, we were kind of forced into it after our sweet little pup Lucy had an unfortunate panic attack during a horrible Florida storm (while we were away at dinner), and chewed right through our nightstands. I am not even joking!!! In doing so, she ruined our nightstands and broke our lamps in the process…. may I remind you that she is LEGIT 8lbs and wears a bow, so to be fair, we did not see this coming! But, c’est la vie (<—-practicing my French for our trip to P-A-R-I-S. [!!!!!!]) 

(P.S. For those of you who are now panicking over Lucy’s safety: A. she is perfectly fine (actually, better than fine!). The whole episode didn’t phase her one bit! B. She now has a tiny little crate where she stays when we are gone, and she loves it… sort of. and, C. She’s on anxiety medication. Trust me, we all want to be her when we grow up–her life is magical.) 

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As you can imagine, this jumpstarted our makeover plan, so first things was first: new nightstands! Oh my gosh, that was hard. We had the toughest time choosing them (seriously, we even ordered a few that NEVER CAME IN… don’t get me started!), but once we found these from Restoration Hardware, we ordered them immediately! 

And then, we found Rejuvenation!! Oh. My. Gosh. If you haven’t visited Rejuvenation you need to. We spent hours and hours picking out the perfect bedside lamps, and landed on these BEA-utiful plug-in sconces, which have become, by far, my favorite pieces in the room. 


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The matte black and the shiny gold made for the perfect masculine-feminine combination, and for us, they are perfect! We also do a lot of reading in bed, so the swivel element on the sconces make us so very happy!


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Once we got our lights installed, we started dressing our nightstands, because, let’s be real, it was looking a little scary in there! I love to add a few personal elements to a nightstand, along with some functional ones as well. And of course, we cannot forget the books…we are book people around here! I also love that I dressed my side of the bed with lots of feminine details, but because the light fixture has so much structure, as does the nightstand, the room is still anchored…which I like! It’s the perfect mix of his and hers!



Rejuvenation Lynwood Sconces c/o, Brass Cord Cover, Restoration Hardware Nightstand, Joss & Main Rug, Wayfair Bed, Pottery Barn Picture Frame, Bauble Bar Earrings, Empty Illume Candle as VaseTata Harper Lip Treatment, Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum, Mariposa “Be Fearless” tray, Target Ceramic Turtle, Books: Funny Girl, 36 Hours in the USA & Canada, Places to Go, People to See, Flowers, Why Not Me?, French Phrasebook, Citi x 60: Paris


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Night Stand Styling - Ashley Brooke Designs 2

Night Stand Styling - Ashley Brooke Designs 7


Night Stand Styling - Ashley Brooke Designs 9


The finished look turned out better than I could have imagined! I love all the details in the fixtures, along with the bits of personality! I think my night stand may just be my new favorite place in our whole house.





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