Ashley Brooke Designs Spotlight : Sparkles Macaron

I am so thrilled to announce the our newest ABD Spotlight on Sparkles Marcaron (you can see their snazzy new spot on the blog sidebar! Pretty right?!). First of all, it is so exciting to share with you Sparkles Macaron, because not only are their macarons beautiful, but I personally shop at Sparkles for gifts all the time, and have blogged about them too (see here)! I have ordered these pretty little macarons as gifts for clients, colleagues, and friends… each time they are a hit! And let’s be honest, the macaroon is the new cupcake! Sparkles Marcaron also does the prettiest wedding and party favors, wouldn’t you just love to take these home at the end of a fancy soirée?

P.S. How cute would it be to send someone a box of these + a pack of these… macaron HEAVEN!

P.P.S. If you need my address to send me a box of assorted macaroons, I would be happy to send over that information to you pronto!

P.P.P.S. Do you want to be in the Spot Light (who doesn’t)?!? Email Betsy for the skinny!!


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