Saturday Morning 1 via Ashley Brooke Designs

Happy style post Wednesday to you! Okay, so very many things to tell you about this style post and why it’s my new fave, so I thought I’d just list ’em out for you…

1. Saturdays are my favorite… because pajamas are acceptable to wear all day, if one so chooses.

2. You have no idea how much I like pajamas… almost as much as I like popcorn, which is saying something.

3. We thought it would be cute to use Lucky Charms in the shoot and then I realized during the shoot how much I love Lucky Charms! We were constantly having to pause the shoot because I kept sneaking bites while no one was looking… and I kinda looked like a chipmunk with cheeks stuffed with Lucky Charms. Now I know why I never buy Lucky Charms… whoops!

4. This sweat shirt is quite possibly the softest thing I own… you need one asap.

5. And lastly, I’m sorry, I know it’s Wednesday and now you are all thinking about Saturday… me too.

Saturday Morning Essentials by Ashley Brooke Designs

Get the Look // Sweatshirt–Hello, Shorts–J.Crew (similar), Headwrap–, Mug-ABD, Glasses–Nine West (similar), Polish–Essie

Saturday Morning 2 via Ashley Brooke Designs

All photographs taken by // Gregory Daniel


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