Loren Hope via Ashley Brooke Designs

For our next installment in my new favorite series, ABD’s Fancy Friends, I want to introduce you to Loren Hope. To be completely honest I have been OBSESSED with Loren Hope for years now–obsessed. And when Loren sent over a pair of her Petra earrings, I may have had a complete heart attack at the mailbox and I have pretty much worn them every day since then. And, in effort for full disclosure, I really wish I could sleep in them… I just feel like I would have glamorous dreams. THEY ARE SO PRETTY. You need them ASAP. Oh! And ALL of her other pretty things.

Get the Look // Flats–J. Crew Factory

P.S. Just an FYI, I get stopped every time I wear them… so prepare yourself, and start memorizing the LH website!

If you think we may be besties and we just haven’t met yet”¦ feel free to shoot us an e-mail and fill us in on what we are missing!


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