Today’s Fancy Friends is all about Polar Bottle! Okay so this may seem like a funny Fancy Friend, but honestly I use one of these almost every single day… not even kidding! This is my definitely go-to for gym water bottles! I am all about my glass water bottles and my Ice Ice Baby tumblers during the day, but at the gym… things can get crazy!! Honestly, I just about knocked my two front teeth out during a crazy intense spin class one morning with my glass bottle (not kidding)! After said incident, I have been sticking to using these Polar Bottles for my morning workout, and I love them! I fill them up the night before with ice and cold water and stick it in the fridge, that way at 5:30 in the morning I am not searching all my cabinets and drawers for lids and I have cold water all morning! If you aren’t using one of these for you morning work out, you need to!! Hop on over and get-yo-self one!!

P.S. Right now, this one is my fave —> The Ergo

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