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Pajamas Are My Love Language

On Saturday mornings, I like to wake up and stay in my pajamas as loooooong as I possibly can. There is nothing more relaxing than sipping hot coffee while scrolling through Pinterest, with a fluffy dog on your lap, all the while in your pajamas. I am convinced that is what heaven will feel like. Since my love for a good set of pajamas is real, I try to scoop up a new pair every now and then! When I spotted Rebecca Peace’s line of classic PJs, I got really excited because they were both feminine and comfortable. Don’t get me wrong: I love, LOVE, a good pair of sweatpants, but it’s nice to feel fancy every now and again…so that is where my Rebecca Peace PJs come in! 

qAshley Brooke Designs Rebecca Peace - 1

I’m serious, do yourself a favor and order a set of her pajamas… it will be a Saturday morning game changer. 

Ashley Brooke Designs Rebecca Peace - 1

P.S. If you think we may be besties and we just haven’t met yet”¦feel free to shoot us an e-mail and fill us in on what we are missing! 



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  1. I just started searching for the perfect pajamas so this post is right on time. These look so comfy, I can’t wait to check them out!

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