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Words We’ll Never Forget

Yesterday was a HUGE day for us, massive in fact. Yesterday decided what our future held and, to be quite frank, I’m not sure we’ve ever been more terrified. I mentioned last week that we had our (second) end of treatment PET scan this week and that it was a huge deal for many reasons. This scan would be the deciding factor determining if all the treatment we’ve done (8 rounds of chemo, 2 surgeries, and 10 days of radiation) over the past year worked.  After our scary-crazy-weird PET scan in November (read about it here) we were so, so, SO, nervous. 

We spent the entire day at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida getting Ryan poked, prodded, and scanned all morning long. Then we waited for the results. 

When the doctor finally walked into the room and said the words we had been so anxiously hoping to hear, “It’s Clear“, we both jumped out of our chairs and BURST into tears! Ryan picked me up and kissed me as we cried. Our sweet doctor handed us tissues and celebrated right along side us. Yesterday was an actual miracle, a dream, our fairytale come true. I cannot even put into words how thankful I am. We snapped this blurry photo as soon as we walked out of the treatment center.  I never want to forget the happy tears and those red noses. 

We will head back to Moffitt in three months for another PET scan, and if all goes well we will move to a twice-a-year CT scan routine for the next few years. But today, tonight, forever, we will celebrate.

Even though it’s almost midnight now and my brain is barely functioning from the longest day in history, I couldn’t bare not telling you. SO many of you have reached out to say you were praying for us today and I wanted to make sure you knew how your prayers were answered. I am, we are, forever grateful for you. 

I’m sure I’ll have more to say later, but for now all that is left to tell you is, I love you!

Just Look At That Smile!

Oh! Wait! One-more-thing… I had to share this photo with you, because LOOK AT THAT SMILE. As soon as we walked out of our appointment we drove straight to the Oxford Exchange (where we got married almost 5 years ago) to toast to our good news.

I always knew the Oxford Exchange would hold a special place in our hearts, but now I can add “April 1, 2019 – Cancer Free Celebration” to our ongoing list of very favorite and extra special OE memories. 

P.S. For more you can catch up on our cancer journey here!


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  1. Amazing news! I had tears in my eyes while I read this. So many congratulations to you both!!! Now on to living and leaving cancer in the rear view. ❤️

    • Thanks Gabrielle!! This means so much! How are you?! We think about you every day! We miss our chemo crew… just not chemo! ha! We should all get together and do dinner or something!


  2. Praise God! This is the best news ever! This post brought tears to my eyes when I read it last week, and brought tears to my eyes again when I read it now. So grateful for this amazing miracle! Hugs to you and Ryan!

  3. Oh praise the Lord !!! So happy for your two cutie pies, what a relief. Life is good 🙂 So so thankful.

  4. So thankful & happy to hear the good news! Ongoing prayers for continued good health.
    God is Good!!

    Love to you both! ❤️

  5. I am so happy and very excited for you and Ryan. What amazing news!!! I can’t think of a more blessed day than to hear this news. You are such a beautiful couple and so full of love and life!! You bring so much joy to the world through your work.
    I will continue to pray for you both as you navigate your life together. With Jesus at the wheel, of course!!
    Many many beautiful blessings to you sweet friend and Ryan.
    , Tammy
    Btw… I ordered the Soap and Glory mascara. I love it!! I am a mascara junkie!!

  6. I am crying happy tears with you both!!!!!! Thank you Lord. You are so good!!!!!! ‍♀️‍♀️❤❤

  7. Crying at work I’m so happy for you guys!! Watching the two of you through this journey has really been a testament of your faith, and I am so happy I could pray right along side of you for this amazing news! Congratulations!

  8. This made me tear up while reading!! I am so so so incredibly happy for you, and props to Ryan for sticking with the treatment, and not giving up!! I know it can be hard because I watched my sister go through it. Sending all of the good thoughts, and more celebratory bubbly your way :)) Cheers!

    xx Libby

    • Thank you so much for such a sweet and kind note friend! Means the world! Also, I hate to hear that your sister had to go through this as well, but we are all in this together! xx- AB

  9. So happy for you both! Y’all have handled this journey with such grace and bravery! Thanks for sharing!

  10. This is awesome news! I’m very happy for you both; love seeing your big, beautiful smiles and happy tears! I know this feeling very well and it’s such a blessing. May God continue to bless you both with continued good health, happy tears and red noses too lol ❤️

  11. Amazing news! Be sure to celebrate every clear scan and cancer-free milestone. 2 years down the line I am still celebrating mine. It’s the absolute best feeling in the world. All the best to you guys.

  12. I’m so happy for you guys. This really makes my heart Happy. I don’t know you personally but I feel like y’all are virtual besties. Congratulations!!

  13. Oh Ashley and Ryan I can’t express how incredibly happy I am for you! You two deserve the longest healthiest life together and I’m sure your day yesterday was the end to a very very hard year and beginning of a new part of your story. I am so impressed by your strength and your story really teached me to stay happy and positive no matter what difficulties happen. We were all anxiously waiting for this note. Very proud of you and wishing you just the best! You should celebrate the whole week 🙂

    Lots of love,

    • Sally, thank you so much for your sweet note and for taking the time to comment. It truly means the world.

      xo – Ashley Brooke

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