I love this article I came across on Back to School Etiquette, because it talks about going back to school with the right attitude and how to behave graciously toward classmates.  The article is geared toward going back to college, but I think there’s a lot to be gleaned by parents and younger kids too!  Here are some excerpts I thought would be helpful:

College Back to School Etiquette by Tina Hayes

Accept and value differences in people. College students are guaranteed to meet people from various backgrounds, ethnic groups and social status. Take the opportunity to learn from peers by embracing diversity. You will be amazed by your interesting discoveries of others’ worlds.

Treat others with respect. I regularly teach that to be respected, you must show respect for others. Upholding the Golden Rule (treating others the way you want to be treated) is a key component to the success of a college student. Sharing space with a roommate can be difficult if boundaries and respect are not highly adhered to. Make it a priority to live in peace with others and be aware of others’ feelings and rights.

Present yourself properly to the school’s administrators and staff. Make a special effort to become acquainted with your professors by introducing and providing some background on yourself. Extend a proper handshake and express gratitude for the opportunity to be in their classes.


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