The bridal shower started in ancient times when the community would “shower” newlyweds with grains of wheat or sweet cakes to symbolize wishes for fertility and prosperity.
Showers should be an intimate gathering of friends and family designed to celebrate the upcoming wedding.  Showers can be held any time of day and can have various themes that dictate the types of gifts the bride receives. 
Showers are usually hosted by close friends of the bride, the groom or their parents.  Professional colleagues have been known to throw “work showers”  and some events know include both the bride and the groom.  In the case of friends of mine who were married last May, the groom was thrown his own “tool shower” by his best buddies.
The host or hostess issues the invitations with a guest list of the brides choosing.  Out of courtesy for your host or hostess, brides should provide a complete list with all the necessary information to address and send the invitations.
During the shower, opening gifts is certainly a highlight.  Be sure and have someone record who gave what gift so that the bride can refer to this list when writing thank you notes.

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