Good Morning!!  I have to admit, although they’re crazy, I kind of like Mondays.  It’s my catch-up/get organized day most of the time.  Returning emails, working on invoices, and always a little designing!
I wanted to share a story with you that really reinforces for me just how important a hand written thank you note can be.  Not only personally but professionally.  
I recently sent my friend EHK to get the new OPI gel manicure as a thank you to her.  She had a great time and her nails look FANTASTIC!  Seriously, I need to get one of these, like today.  But anyway, about two days later she got something in the mail:  A hand-written, thank you note from the nail technician!  Karen (the nail tech) thanked EHK for letting her take care of hands and assured her that she would always be there to answer any questions, etc.  It was a super nice note and an important professional gesture as well.

See even if EHK was unsure about whether or not she would go back to Karen, you can bet your bottom dollar that such a thoughtful, sweet note sealed the deal!  I’m sure Karen thanked her when she left the salon, but by going to extra mile, she made EHK feel special and truly appreciated as a client.  And that is what thank you notes are all about: conveying just how much you care and appreciate the recipient.  A lesson we should all take to heart.

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