Portrait of a dog ABD blog readers, meet Lucy and Sam… they are our ADORABLE children dogs, seriously, it doesn’t get cuter than these two! Annnnyways, I digress… a few weeks ago I realized that I don’t have dog portraits of the two of them hanging up anywhere! I did one of Lucy a while back, but I hadn’t done one for Sam (since at the time he was living at his grandparents house… they just loved him too much 🙂 but now he and Lucy are reunited!) and I didn’t like him being left out, so I thought late one night I’ll draw a matching set! I never do personal projects for myself but I always have so much fun… I really should do them more often!

P.S. Can you believe I got them to sit like that next to their little portraits, I giggle every time I see this photo!

Have a wonderful Tuesday! xo- AB

** Lucy is a Yorkiepoo & Sam is a Yorkie.


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