Saying no.  I think everyone can relate to the challenges of turning down an offer, invitation or opportunity.  But it’s never as easy as it seems is it?  Sometimes saying no take real fortitude and I know for me, it’s something I continue to have to work on.
Part of etiquette and manners is honesty, so if you really want to say no, no is the answer you should give.  But there are some ways to use the word no, in a positive way.
Try accompanying it with a positive comment, like, “No, but thanks for asking me” or “No, but I appreciate you thinking of me.”  Don’t hem and haw, saying things like, “Well I really shouldn’t,” when you mean no, because this leaves the door open to further discussion.  If there is an opportunity that you aren’t wanting to do now, but may be open to later, make that known.  But don’t throw out a “But do call me next year,” if you aren’t really up for it.

{sourced Emily Post’s Etiquette}
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