Good Morning!  It’s the day after Oscar and I am still catching up on all the gorgeous gowns, since I was driving last night during all the festivities.  Ever thought about all the small talk conversation your favorites stars must have to make at award shows??
This week I thought we could look at good old fashioned conversation.  Are you ever at a loss as to what to say?  Or shocked by some of the inappropriate things people say to you?  I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum multiple times.  Let’s start this Monday with the basics, shall we?
The two most important aspects of conversation are probably thinking and listening.  Being thoughtful about your audience will influence what you say to them, and if you should say anything at all really.  Should you council a friend on bridesmaids gifts when she isn’t in your bridal party?  Probably not.  Listening is also crucial.  Lots of times we are thinking so carefully about what we want to say in response that we are not even listening to the other person.
Interruptions are rude.  The only time it’s remotely OK is when you have something that honestly can’t wait.  But otherwise, avoid interrupting someone just to throw in your two cents.

Be sure and leave people with a comfortable amount of personal space.  The standard is to be no closer than eighteen inches apart.  Be conscious of height as well so that no one has to look up or down at you.

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