With Wedding season in full spring and some of our favorite bloggers ( Nina, KAG, Miss Monogram) tying the knot, they are surely going to be writing lots of thank you notes!! Here are some wedding specific dos and don’ts for Thank You notes, from Ms. Post herself naturally!

bride writing thank you notessource

-Do personalize notes and make reference to the person and the gift.

-Do be enthusiastic but don’t gush (admittedly I am a gush-er but I will say that’s just how I am and its genuine!)

-Don’t send wedding photos or use photo cards if it is going to delay mailing the notes.

-Do refer to how you plan to use money gifts, mentioning the amount is optional (and in my opinion, a little awkward.)

-Don’t get discouraged if you fall behind, a late note is ALWAYS better than none!


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