We love creating, packaging and sending off beautiful writing papers and gifts to our oh so fabulous clients! But you know what? We so rarely get to see you enjoying your ABD luxuries!

Enter our newest feature, “You’ve Been Spotted!”  Send us photos of you sipping tea from your ABD mug, writing thank you notes on your new custom stationery, or carrying groceries home from the market in your chic and green ABD tote!   Include your name, email and a brief description of your photo on this form.  Every two weeks we’ll select a “You’ve Been Spotted” winner and they will receive a lovely ABD treat!  You can enter as many times as you want so get creative and start snapping some photos of you and your ABD swag!

Polaroid_You've Been Spotted

Sipping your coffee and tweeting a picture of your new favorite necklace?  If there’s some ABD in the shot, go ahead and send it us too! Click here to upload your photo!

Polaroid_You've Been Spotted2


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