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It’s here, My 2015 Fall Favorites Giveaway!!!

Like I promised”¦ I’m giving away a few of my Fall Favorites!!  I’m so excited about this fabulous giveaway, and I can’t wait for one very lucky reader to get this box of goodies in the mail.  As you know, I do a seasonal giveaway at the start of every new season/or holiday (take a peek at what I’ve given away in the past!)! This is so fun; I hope you love my “favorites” as much as I do!

Here are all the details you need to know”¦

  1. The Day Designer. I use this planner every single day, and I love it! I promise you will too!
  2. Our favorite “Going Places” travel mug, because you need something cute to put that PSL in. 
  3. Our fancy-shmancy floral coffee mug; this is my favorite!
  4. A suuuuuper pretty Blair Ritchey leather PAK mini. I did not want to give this one away!
  5. Mini Emergency Kit from Pinch Provisions, because if you are anything like me, this EXTREMELY useful!
  6. Rose gold ear buds from Happy Plugs. That’s right… I said Rose Gold!
  7. Smarties!!!!!!!! Just because. 
  8. Leather tassels from Dolce Ave, because if there is one thing I like, it’s a tassel!
  9. TWO sets of earrings from Kendra Scott. I can’t believe I am giving both of these to you–I’m going to need extra bonus points for this. 
  10. Baublerella favorites: a Bling Brush and a Glitzy Glove so you can shine bright like a diamond all Fall long!
  11. My favorite lipsticks from Julep. I LOVE JULEP LIPSTICK. Like pink-puffy-heart love them. 
  12. Colorescience powdered Sunscreen, because can wrinkles happen during the Fall too., and that’s not okay. 
  13. The cutest pencils ever from Amanda Catherine Designs.
  14. Our All The Things notebook because it’s the best notebook ever!
  15. Just look at this pretty necklace from Empire State Finery. You are welcome. 
  16. Nifty Veronica Deore eyeglass chain for all that reading you will be doing this Fall!
  17. NAIL POLISH!!! I love me some polish, especially from Julep. The. best.
  18. Jolly Time Pop Corn, because my love affair with them is real.
  19. Solemates goodies to protect your shoes and keep your toes sweet!
  20. Your Beautiful Heart by Lauren Kennedy. I love her. 
  21. Malvi gourmet marshmallows… so. good.



You have until Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST to enter this fabulous Fall giveaway! Just click into the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the easy steps to rack up extra entries! 

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  1. Visiting my parents and sitting by the lake watching the fall colors change with my dog, Hondo. Add a cup of coffee or glass of red wine and I would be good to go!

  2. Perfect fall day would be a gorgeous clear day riding our horses, followed up by hot cider and movies in front of the fire!

  3. The perfect fall day would be spending time with my hubby. Cuddling together and enjoying each others company. Plus eating some candy corn. 😉

  4. My idea of a perfect fall day would be apple picking with my family after indulging in a PSL and a warm apple cider donut. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. My idea of the perfect fall day clearly involves some kind of an adorbs apple orchard, with tons of apple cider & pumpkins! Hay rides galore… Maybe even a wine tasting to boot; if you’re going to the right kind of apple orchard, that is! Fall is the absolute best. The clothes, the weather, the food… Should I keep going?

  6. My favorite fall day would include lots of vibrant colors on trees and in my outift, a picnic with my hubby and sitting outside on a quilt, under a tree, in a sweater, with a good long read!

  7. A perfect fall day would have a couple long walks in the cool air and through the leaves. Lots of outdoor time and then warm drinks and comfort food throughout the day.

  8. My perfect fall day consists of a slow start to the day with a visit to Starbucks for a fall latte (Toasted Graham please!) and an afternoon snuggled in bed with a great book!

  9. My perfect fall day would be spending the WHOLE day with my husband and my son. Doing everything and anything. Life is sweet when the three of us are together. It is full of extra laughs and smiles. Anything we do, even if it’s nothing at all, means everything to me. <3

  10. The perfect fall day is going for a drive with my Husband and dog, stopping for coffee then taking the dog for a hike.

  11. Before my dad died he would have liken to BBQ’s but we didn’t call them that. He would host them well into the fall. They were ‘farm parties’ because we hosted them at our farm (but my parents don’t live on the farm). My dad would grill and smoke meats. Tons of people would come and bring so much food. It was just this moment where all our lives, new and old friendships, intersected for a moment to love on one another with conversation, laughter, food and all that goes with good wholesome togetherness.

  12. My ideal Fall day would be a throwing the tennis ball to my black lab, Tucker, going to lunch with my husband, and grilling out and inviting friends over for dinner! Burning my favorite Fall candles and serving up some pumpkin pie would be must haves too!

  13. My idea of the perfect Fall day is when the weather is crisp and cool, not too hot and not to cold; when I can stay indoors relaxing and feeling cool enough to remain in my pajamas and drink warm hot chocolate and eat a piece of pumpkin pie.

  14. My perfect fall day is spent cheering on my favorite college football team in Ohio Stadium! Go Bucks!

    Also in love with everything about this giveaway!

  15. My idea of a perfect fall day is making an apple pie, pumpkin patch strolling with my boyfriend, and then curling up on the couch with my dog to watch Rudy – because, football.

  16. My idea of a perfect Fall day is being in a cabin in Tennessee, sitting outside looking at the gorgeous view of the mountains and trees sipping A Starbucks Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha out of my favorite ABD Hello Sunshine mug💛

  17. The perfect fall day will have crisp, cool air and beautiful falling leaves. Pair that with good friends, football, pumpkin spice latte, and gumbo! My favorite kind of fall day!

  18. A perfect fall day would include wearing a cozy flannel, picking pumpkins & apples, and then returning home to bake an apple pie & some pumpkin muffins!

  19. Visiting the White House Apple Farm… eating their homemade donuts by the lake and taking a walk with my husband. 🙂

  20. I’d just love to be able to cuddle up, on my own with a good book and some hot chocolate! For an entire day! So lovely!

  21. Pumpkin and apple picking, sitting in a cozy chair with a quilt and a book, and maybe a cup of tea, watching the kids play in the leaves, and enjoying my favorite sweater, once again.

  22. A walk in the leaves followed by a psl and time with my family in the brisk air at the park or in the mountains is my idea of a perfect fall day.

  23. Sitting on the couch all warm and cozy, sipping some hot cocoa, and planning in my planner with Netflix or some holiday music playing in the background would be the perfect fall day for me!

  24. A perfect fall day would be crisp and cool. With comfy clothes and able to go for a walk without being attacked by gnats, I hate bugs, lol. Thanks for the chance!

  25. My perfect fall day would be cool…think hoodies weather kinda day. A Sunday so I can watch football. I would end the day with a glad of wine by a fire on a patio!

  26. A perfect fall day would be a nice cool breeze, not too cool so the windows can be opened in the house. Sun shining and beautiful leaves falling!!!

  27. My idea of a perfect fall day is where the weather is 50-60 degrees and I get to go shopping for Halloween items, and I’d end the day with pumpkin desserts.

  28. A perfect fall day has a light chill, perfect for dressing in cute and cozy layers, boots, and scarf. Warm drink in hand, I would explore a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, and dance through piles of leaves with my beloved husband and puppy. 🙂

  29. Being outside on a crisp day, wearing a vest, scarf and boots, drinking a latte, and most importantly being with the one I love.

  30. My perfect fall day would be one where the sky is overcast and the cool air is blowing with the leaves falling down. I’m in boots and a sweater & scarf with my husband and family walking around town visiting all the little shops!
    Or snuggled up on the couch with something pumpkin to drink 😉

  31. early wakeup to a good spin class, home for a nap and snuggle with coffee and then afternoon football with our team winning! and then maybe a bonfire and s’mores.

  32. A perfect fall day is watching the leaves change outside while I sit inside and watch football while making dinner. The smell of dinner cooking while watching the game is the best!

  33. walking in the crisp leaves, wearing a flannel shirt and jeans, and possibly a hot tea. going to get a a pumpkin would be nice too!

  34. My favorite thing about fall is fall fashion. I love being able to wear my sweaters and vests and I love bringing out those fall colored lip sticks and eyeshadows.

  35. My perfect fall day would be going to a pumpkin patch with my 4 kids and everyone picking out pumpkins for halloween 🙂

  36. A perfect fall day would include breaking out the duck boots, grabbing some apple cider, and taking a stroll around the farmer’s market 🙂

  37. A picnic with my girls in the park where the leaves on the trees are all beautiful shades of red & orange. Followed by a family movie night in front of the fireplace while sipping on hot chocolate {them} & Pumpkin Spice Latte {me}. 😀

  38. The perfect fall day would be waking up with my husband to a delicious breakfast and coffee with a view of the lake. It would then be followed by a nice “lazy” day cuddling.

  39. The perfect fall day is definitely being out and enjoying the weather and the scenery. Thank you for an amazing giveaway!!

  40. The perfect fall day starts with a hot coffee, the farmers market, a workout, walking the outdoor shopping areas and ending with a beer and watching college football!

  41. It would be a day hiking in the mountains where I can see the leaves changing colors. I would start off the day with a pumpkin spice white chocolate mocha, of course 🙂

  42. My perfect fall day would be a chilly overcast day at the beach where my dog can run in the surf. After, warm clam chowder and tea!

  43. My idea of a perfect fall day would have to be taking a walk with coffee or tea in hand and bundled up in cute layers of course!

  44. I think it’s possible I had my perfect fall day just a couple of days ago! An outdoor qigong class in the morning, homemade soup for lunch, apple picking with my family, a stop at a favorite yarn shop and a favorite ice cream shop, topped off by watching the sunset at the beach – a great way to bridge the two seasons!

  45. My perfect fall day is one with a pumpkin spice latte in one hand and my husband in the other window shopping in a small downtown area while falling leaves line the street.

  46. My idea of a perfect fall day is 50 degree temperature weather, a light sweater, boots, a hot pumpkin spice latte and a crispness in the outside air.

  47. My perfect fall day is being able to see the main fall colors: red, orange, and yellow, emerging from the green foliage. It means it is time to break out my favorite knee-high boots!

  48. A perfect Fall day would start with a hot cup of coffee (in that cute ABD mug), followed by bundling up in a new coat and pair of boots to walk around town and pick up breakfast (pumpkin pancakes??). The afternoon would be filled with working on my patio, soaking up some fall rays and looking out over the changing fall leaves!

  49. Pumpkin spice latte, big cozy sweater, plum lipstick, early morning walk in the park, reading on the back porch, boutique shopping, smell of baked apples and cinnamon, family game night, fall candles, and watch “the notebook”. Best. Day. Ever.

  50. My perfect fall day would start with a hot cider, and a crisp morning stroll through a fall festival filled with goodies, then end with dinner by the fire and a movie!

  51. A drive up the canyon to see the fall leaves! Take a picnic and some marshmallows to roast over a campfire! It sounds amazing!!!

  52. My favorite fall activity is rooting on my favorite college football team on the couch with my hubby while pumpkin cookies are baking in the oven.

  53. My perfect fall day is sitting with my dog, reading a book or watching Netflix, sipping hot chocolate or cider, and looking out the window at gorgeous trees.

  54. A perfect Fall day would have to include: crisp weather, sleeping in, coffee, baking, comfy sweaters, a walk in the park, & time with family.

  55. Crisp air, sweaters, lattes, Friends, College Football, chili, Fall Festivals, wineries, apple orchard, bonfires…. These are some of my favorite Fall things.

  56. My perfect fall day is a visit to the local apple orchard, drinking fresh cider, and picking out pumpkins with my kids!


  57. Starting the day with a PSL, a breezy balmy day at a football game followed by a trip to a brewery for some fall beer tasting, a wonderful dinner and an apple pie to finish my day.

  58. The perfect fall day is spending time with my baby girl, husband and dog going for a walk to enjoy the cool weather with coffee in hand

  59. The perfect fall day is eating peanut butter cookies and drinking spiced cider or mulled wine curled up with a good book.

  60. Wow! What an amazing giveaway! So sweet!! My perfect Fall day would include a super cute “fall-ish” outfit with boots, Starbucks run, and taking the pups for a walk while enjoying the cooler weather! The evening would consist of snacks, football,and cozy blankets! Isn’t life just wonderful in the Fall?!

  61. A walk with the dog in a light cardigan in the morning, coffee and a good book on the porch, another walk through some crunchy fall leaves, some baking, a good supper, and an evening walk to see the stars!

  62. The perfect fall day would be walking outside with a cool breeze and the sound of all the crunchy leaves on the sidewalk. Of course, drinking a hot chocolate or a hot cider!

  63. Amazing giveaway! My fall favorites – hoodies, pumpkins, apples, walking/ hiking among the changing leaves, hot tea, cozy blankets and soon wood stoves 🙂

  64. My perfect fall day is a simple walk through the park with my dog, husband, and baby boy. Crunching leaves under our shoes and drinking cocoa.

  65. My favorite thing about fall is finally getting to wear boots and cute fall clothes and of course drinking my Coffee out of my mrs fancy pants mug 👍🏼☕️💁🏻

  66. waking up and having coffee on the porch, then watching a movie in the porch on my ipad. then going to the orchard and getting pumpkins and veggies 🙂

  67. My ideal fall day would include apple picking, drinking chaider (a mix between a chai latte and apple cider), watching football with my family, and snuggling up with a good movie at night!

  68. Tailgating, football game, going out for wings afterwards OR an outing to a tree farm/pumpkin patch/apple orchard for hayrides and fun; hot cider or hot chocolate and bonfire at night!

  69. My perfect fall day starts with a homemade pumpkin spice latte and pumpkin pancakes. Followed by a trip to the pumpkin patch with my hubby to pick out some fall decor. TheN we’d have some good homemade chili before going to a hometown football game in our warm hoodie sweatshirts. And maybe sneak in a hot cider 🙂

  70. A PSL and a good book, playing in the leaves with the baby and cuddling by the fire in the backyard after a cookout with friends.

  71. My perfect fall day would be spent outside, enjoying the changing colors with my fiancé and our dogs, Hank and Ladybird. We might take a walk around our neighborhood, waving hello to our neighbors, out on their porches enjoying the cooler temperatures before returning to our own porch, where we would sit and read or talk or just be. If it was a Saturday and Georgia Southern was playing, we would definitely have football on the TV, or iPad, if we just couldn’t stand to be inside on such a nice day. At night as the air gets crisp and temperatures dip, we would build a fire, and eat dinner outside, complete with bourbon cocktails and cast-iron skillet s’mores for dessert.

  72. The perfect fall day would be a day at the Oktoberfest with my hubby and our four girls, gobbling down candy apples and funnel cakes 💕. Oh and I can’t forget my boots and scarf!!!

  73. This might be my favorite giveaway you’ve posted yet! My favorite fall day would be spent with my family picking apples, sipping a hot mocha, and copying up with a good book.

  74. What an amazing assortment, oh my goodness! My idea for a perfect day of Fall would have to include taking my dog on a nice walk in the breeze, coming home- changing into pj’s and making homemade cookies! The night will definitely have a fire included!

  75. A crisp cool morning, hot coffee, comfy sweater and scarf and lots of hanging out outside in the beautiful fall weather and ending with a cozy fall meal around the table with friends!

  76. My perfect fall day would involve a latte, being outside admiring the fall colors and leaves and stopping at an apple orchard for fresh apples!

  77. The transition from Summer to Fall is my perfect time. It’s not too warm or cold, it’s just right. I can snuggle up in my warm coat and scarf, adoring the leaves changing color. And most of all, sipping on something warm! I love Fall!

  78. I’d want to sleep in a bit, go for a long hike in crisp air, enjoy a picnic lunch with apple cider, and come back tired and full of the wonderful smells of fall.

  79. Driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway looking at the leaves and then ending the day picking up a couple bushels of apples at the orchard!

  80. My perfect fall day would start by going to the local pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin to carve and then home to start carving and roasting the pumpkin seeds. I rarely do crafts (bad arthritic hands) but once a year I like to go all out and carve a really nice pumpkin. It takes me a couple of days to finish carving but I love having a nice decoration for the front of my house. I look forward to having fresh roasted pumpkin seeds all year.

  81. I love the smell of wood burning in the fall. With a cup of tea by a warm fire on a cold night is where I want to be!

  82. My perfect fall day this year would be to find out im pregnant…. my husband and i have but waiting and waiting because he wanted to get a better job or a promotion before starting a family and that might finally happen all thanks to a family friend. We have officially started trying and i am praying i get to find out soon that i will be carrying a miracle in my belly. That right there would be my perfect fall day

  83. My idea of a perfect fall day this year is finding out my husband and i are expecting. we have been waiting for my husband to get a promotion or a better paying job so we can finally start a family and today a family friend might be able to send some good news are way… praying it happens so we can finally start a family. We both have so much love and want a bundle of joy to give it too.

  84. A perfect fall day is sitting on the porch with a cup of tea watching the leaves fall to the ground and just enjoying the day.

  85. Wow, what a giveaway! Perfect fall day is a family day picking apples at the local apple orchard, sitting down for cider mill donuts and hot cider and enjoying the fall colors.

  86. Starting the day with a great cup of coffee outside on the patio. And defintley enjoying the cooler AZ weather to do treasure hunting for DIY projects. Let’s not forget an amazing walk just down the road from my house at a little hidden river, where I can soak in all of nature and unwind. Ending the day with a homemade crockpot meal and snuggle time on the couch with my sons. Now thats perfect!!

  87. Oh my gosh this would be SO amazing if I won! If I could be so lucky I would become the envy of all my coworkers and set this all up at work!!

  88. My perfect fall day would be playing football outside with the family and coming home to a nice dinner then hot chocolate and a movie all snuggled in blankets!

  89. My perfect fall day would end with a perfect fall night. A Starbucks run followed by a night at home in slippers & sleeping under a ton of blankets with a window cracked open.

  90. Perfect day would be a trip to the beach with the family. Nothing better than a walk on the beach in the off season. It’s a perfect time to reflect and find peace.

  91. Fall is my favorite season! I love the fall food, the fair, football, and the wardrobe I forgot about and you pull it out and feel as if you just went shopping! A new pair of boots when you can smell the leather…mmmmm! My perfect fall day is putting on something cute but comfortable, watching football with friends all day, then ending up around the bonfire with a glass of wine. Yay for fall!!

  92. Oh my gosh this is the cutest! Perfect fall day would have to be tailgating with family and friends at my alma matter for a little football and fun! Complete with all things cider, pumpkin, and plaid related, of course!

  93. Hiking in the mountains with my family and my boxer and seeing all of the gorgeous fall colors. Ending the day with a huge hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows.

  94. My perfect fall day is spent crunching leaves on a walk, baking and drinking coffee and cocoa while chatting with my tribe, and spending time curled up in a blanket with a great book. But of course, being a southern lady, you can’t forget football!

  95. My idea of a perfect fall day would begin with an early weekend morning when my husband is off work, and we can both go downstairs, and enjoy a fresh pot of PEETS coffee. All the while pumpkin scones are baking in the oven, smelling the entire house of that fall yumminess! I would see that the weather is just perfect. Sunny, with a cool breeze and I would then find my rain boots, and the comfiest sweater I own, and we would take our coonhound Pup Pete on a walk with us through the state park. Crunching & playing in all the fabulous, beautifully colored leaves. We would follow the walk with a drive to our local pumpkin patch, where I will pick out the smallest and cutest pumpkin of all to place in our home, while my husband finds the perfect one for carving! We would come home, and I would open up all the windows, and play Frank Sinatra on the record player, while cleaning & humming away, in hopes that my husband would stop me dead in my tracks, and dance with me in the kitchen. That probably wouldn’t happen, and instead he would turn on the SEC network to find his Beloved Tennessee Volunteers playing…and since it’s my perfect fall day..they would be winning. I would start the crock-pot with a creamy & delicious soup, then head upstairs to read a book, and cozy up under the softest blanket. I would follow it with a quick cat nap, and wake up to the aroma of the soup filling the house. I would come downstairs, and see a package, addressed to me, filled with the most gorgeous items from the Ashley Brooke giveaway I entered, and swoon over everything I received. Once we finished supper, we would go sit on our back porch, light the fire pit, make some smores, cuddle & talk about all the things we’re thankful for. We would end the evening, cuddled on the couch watching one of our favorite seasonal movies, while munching on popcorn & candy corn, drinking hot cocoa in my pumpkin printed socks that are keeping me warm, and my bath & body works candle reminding me that fall is still here. That is truly, the idea of my perfect.fall.day.

  96. A perfect fall day is taking a trip to the apple orchards and sipping on hot cider while lunch on the best cider donuts ever!

  97. A perfect fall day would have to be a hayride and going apple or pumpkin picking. Finishing the day with a warm drink in hand!

  98. Playing in the leaves and taking a walk to look at the trees changing color with my husband and our 3 yr old son.He loved it!Then taking him inside and making us both got chocolate…lighting some Vanilla Spice candles and watching a movie together,nice and cozy.This is an ideal Autumn say for me.

  99. My perfect fall day would include waking up on a mountaintop to the sunrise; hiking all day; enjoying cuddling and snuggling with the smell of pumpkin candles; going to a halloween party, then having a bonfire with a fall beer and fun smores made with reese’s cups, while wrapped in flannels and blankets!

  100. a perfect fall day…
    crisp fall air, but sunshine to warm you. being outside – whether that is playing with my son at our local park or just hanging with our family. layers and booties. and a bonfire at night! perfection. 😉

  101. A perfect fall day would include walking in the woods with my sweet doberman, Barnaby…then drinking cider and having something yummy for lunch…then a nice nap hahaha…and finish it with a wonderful al fresco dinner with my handsome husband

  102. A perfect fall day is a long walk outside followed by a warm, rich meal and a nap curled under a soft blanket with my dogs.

  103. Racking the leaves and then playing in them with my daughter, of course, have to rack them again! Then inside to gather the family and watch a movie with maybe some pizza for dinner!

  104. A perfect fall day would be to enjoy a picnic in the autumn leaves with my significant other, while we open our planners. Write down what we hope to accomplish by the end of the year and set goals for the coming of the new year. Together I want to build our future tomorrow. maybe have a fresh bottle of juice and cheese and fruit platter.

  105. Waking up early with a cup of cider tea, writing in my journal with a candle lit. Then going to a pumpkin patch and buying cider donuts. Ending the evening wrapped in a blanket by a campfire!

  106. I would want to start the day with a nice cup of coffee and a yummy breakfast with my family and then a walk through the gorgeous orange colored nature paths. My evening would be spent under a blanket on the couch with a good book and my fur kids on my lap 🙂

  107. My perfect fall day would include gorgeous colored leaves, sunshine with a crisp breeze, hot apple cider, my favorite blue jeans and a little road trip with my husband and daughter.

  108. Going to the pumpkin patch as a family and then going to a football game in the evening with my man and some friends for tailgating and football!

  109. my favorite fall day involves a cozy sweater, comfy leggings and curling up outside reading while watching the leaves fall with an appropriate seasonal beverage!

  110. My perfect fall day would be a cute fall outfit and a pumpkin spiced latte, a visit to a pumpkin patch or a football game, and to end the night having friends over to our house for appetizers, wine, and a bonfire.

  111. A few of my favorite things about fall are taking my dog for walks in the woods and enjoying the crisp air and beautiful colors, homemade apple dumplings, Pumpkin Spice Lattes (of course!) and flannel.

  112. My perfect Fall day starts with a delicious cup of hot coffee. After a shower and reading the morning newspaper, I love to go for a nice, long walk. Later in the day, I like to bake–so the house smells good and my kids will be happy.

  113. My ideal fall day would be bundling up in a cozy, way too big sweater, and leggings (because duh), taking my dog on a walk through the woods in Massachusetts to see the leaves changing (and wear her out!), then heading into Northampton to grab some coffee (hazelnut please in that awesome “Going Places” mug!) and wander around the town with my family and my dog!

  114. My perfect fall day (living in South Florida) would be going to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte – hopefully the air would be in the low 80’s – so that I would have the option of perhaps getting a HOT drink, instead of an iced once 🙂 Then playing some tennis, riding my bike, or doing something outdoors, since the rain and humidity is finally gone!

  115. My ideal Fall day begins with apple cider doughnuts & a PSL. Then tailgating with friends before a football game (yay for football!!). Ending the evening with drinks or a bonfire and I’m in heaven…

  116. The perfect fall day would include a cable knit sweater and hot apple cider, a walk through the city, trip to the bookstore followed by having a baking and movie marathon at home with the windows open and a fire in the fireplace!

  117. My perfect fall day would be chilly enough to wear a sweater and chunky scarf. Then I would sit at a little cafe and read/ do homework all morning. Then I would hang out with my friends and probably get some drinks or go out to eat.

  118. The perfect fall day is crisp and sunny. Leaves on the trees are beautiful colors. You can walk around in jeans and a sweater and be absolutely comfortable.

  119. Apple picking, cider, sweaters, #PSL, painting pumpkins with my two little girls, and there are cool enough temps so I can wear my amazing cape to work #supergirlattheoffice

  120. A perfect fall day would be apple picking in flannel and boots, then coming home and making an apple pie and sipping on apple cider while cuddling 🙂

  121. A perfect fall day for me is getting cozy on the couch in front of a roaring fire, in a fluffy sweater with a good book and a PSL! I can’t wait for it to cool off so I can do just that!

  122. My perfect fall day would include layers and boots with changing leaves. A perfect day to start a new book! I love this Giveaway!!

  123. The sun is shining, its baout 75 degress in Dallas and the wind is slightly blowing. The leaves are starting to chgange and it seems so peaceful.

  124. Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway taking in the amazing sights of the leaves changing! Fall is the prettiest to me in the mountains. All while wearing my favorite cozy sweater, boots, and drinking hot chocolate 🙂

  125. My perfect fall day is waking up early, getting a pastry and dirty chai latte to-go, and then having a picnic and walking around on some nature trails with my fiance and our dog.

  126. A perfect fall day for me would be a crisp, cool day tailgating with my husband and friends at my alma mater (LSU, Geaux Tigers!) preparing for the football game in the evening. Surrounded by family, friends and some delicious Louisiana cooking.

  127. My perfect fall day is reading a book in front of a toasty fire with a big mug of spiced cider all with the windows open so my cat and I can enjoy the fresh, crisp autumn air.

  128. Wow I love absolutely everything in this giveaway! My perfect fall day would be walking through the neighborhood with a warm coffee and my best friend!

  129. Sleeping in, cooking pancakes w/ the hubs, doing some shopping, grabbing a PSL, taking a nap, and finishing off with a fall candle and some soup!

  130. My idea of a perfect fall day is cuddled up with my husband in a huge blanket, apple picking, warm fires, and pumpkin spice candles!

  131. It never seems to be “fall” in San Diego – I love still enjoying cloudy evenings at at the beach. Bonfires are extra points!

  132. Perfect fall day? Crisp weather, flannel shirt, walking through the park with my husband and our pup! Life doesn’t get much better than that.

  133. A perfect fall day definitely includes getting wrapped up in a cozy blanket scarf and going apple picking. Once we’ve got the perfect apple, there must be some snacking on apple cider and apple cinnamon donuts!! After getting home and baking the best apple pie, we’ll enjoy it sitting around the fire and playing card games and board games

  134. My perfect fall day would be hiking with my husband and dog, followed by a trip to the orchard and a bonfire that night with friends!

  135. My perfect fall day would be drinking a cup of coffee, making (and finishing!) a to-do list for the day, reading a good book, and walking around in the crisp air!

  136. Amazing giveaway!
    Perfect Fall day for me definitely includes breakfast in bed, a cozy sweater, shopping for the upcoming holidays, puppy snuggles, and a warm soup for dinner!

  137. My fave fall day starts with a pumpkin spice latte and a full day of apple picking, and ends with homemade apple pie and snuggling under a blanket with the hubby and pup to watch some football.

  138. What an awesome collection! My fave part of fall is definitely the fashion. My uniform is skinny jeans, oversized sweater, scarf, and booties. Simple, easy, and cozy!

  139. My perfect fall day would start off walking around a pumpkin patch and corn maze, Starbucks in hand, with my family. It would end with us tailgating at one of the local college football games and then watching our team win!

  140. The perfect fall day would be doing something outside. Like walking around downtown with friends, carving pumpkins, playing in the park. Simply enjoying the nice cool weather before it gets to cold.

  141. I loved going to the apple orchards with a huge group of friends, eating homemade donuts and drinking hot apple cider! Now that I’ve moved back to Florida, I can only reminisce of fall in Virginia!

  142. My perfect Fall day would be driving around Northwestern Illinois enjoying the Fall colors followed by an orchard or brewery visit and a nice early dinner with my guy!

  143. FALL: Getting hit in the face by a falling leaf getting geared for winter. Definitely a wake up call but just a friendly reminder that my favorite things about Fall are coming my way!! The hot lattes, the tall leather brown boots, the burgundy nail polish, the tall socks, and of course, the outfits to match 😉

  144. A perfect fall day starts with a run through the Arboretum, followed by brunch with the girls and walking around downtown shopping and sipping a coffee. Then curling up in a comfy chair with a good book and a cup of tea. It ends with cooking up a delicious soup or casserole to be enjoyed with a glass of wine, and snuggling up to watch a classic movie like Casablanca or Roman Holiday.

  145. My favorite fall day could easily be every day, because fall is my favorite! If I have to choose, I’d pick just relaxing on the porch with a cup of coffee while reading, then playing in the leaves with my dogs, and ending the night with a football game!

  146. The perfect fall day is pumpkin picking and crunching leaves under boots and wearing a blanket scarf. (Fingers crossed our Florida weather will cool off enough for scarves soon!)

  147. My perfect fall day begins with a brisk morning walk with my husband and our dog, then lounging around the house with a cup of tea until noon. Lunch would be a hearty soup cooked up in the slow cooker, and then a late afternoon nap. We’d end the day around the firepit with our close friends, sharing a boozy apple cider or two, and making plans for enjoying the cooler weather.

  148. My perfect fall day would involve a football tailgate on a clear crisp day with hard cider and plaid shirts and boots. All these products are great! I would love to win this 🙂

  149. My perfect fall day would be enjoying the sunshine in a tshirt and jeans during the day, and huddling around a bonfire in a sweater at night. Best of both worlds!

  150. The perfect fall day is crisp but sunny; I can wear a puffy vest over a sweater, drink hot apple cider, and have a bonfire at night!

  151. The perfect fall day is crunching leaves under boots while pumpkin picking and wearing a blanket scarf. (Fingers crossed our Florida weather will cool off enough for scarves soon!)

  152. Perfect fall day is a walk through the farmers market with hot coffee, looking at all the beautiful produce and getting some great fall flowers for the house.

  153. My idea of the perfect fall day is crisp, cool air with a nice knit, chunky sweater and mug with coffee in hand by the first. A nice brisk walk or hike through the mountains, oogling the fall foliage! This is my favorite time of year!

  154. My perfect Fall day:
    Wake up to a PSL from Starbucks, enjoy a morning walk in the crisp, Fall air, then spend all day inside with pumpkin scented candles burning and a meal in the crockpot. The best Fall day!

  155. My perfect fall day is tailgating with my family and friends before a college football game. Perfect crisp weather doesn’t hurt either!

  156. What a great giveaway! My ideal fall day would be snuggling up under a blanket, reading a good book, and drinking some apple cider.

  157. A perfect fall day for me would be apple picking in the morning and then going home and watch football with my husband while making chili in the crockpot and making an apple pie for dessert. Can’t forget roasting marshmallows in the fireplace for our half time entertainment 🙂

  158. My perfect fall day is taking a walk with the family bundled in a cozy sweater, soaking in the sun, and enjoying all the beautiful fall colors and smells.

  159. My perfect fall day is any day that is crisp in the morning with the sun dancing on the dust when everything just feels clean and magical. And caramel coffee in my ABD mug is a bonus!

  160. A perfect fall day in my book is enjoying the crisp fall air and cooking up something fresh and seasonal at home. Oh, and a fall vest- it’s a must!

  161. Perfect fall day: a slightly chill wind, warm scarf and socks, pumpkin spice latte in one hand, pumpkin pie (or scone!) in the other, and Halloween decorations all around 😀

  162. My idea of a perfect fall day would be lighting my favorite autumn candle when I wake up while drinking coffee and reading your blog for the day. In the afternoon I would like to spend sometime on a bike ride with my boyfriend. Maybe go somewhere downtown to eat lunch outside and wander by Lake Eola. At night I would love spending time with my family, (Especially my new niece) watching a movie or roasting s’mores around the firepit.

  163. My perfect fall day would be about 50 degrees so I could comfortably wear a sweater, scarf, and boots. I would sit outside a cafe with my husband and warm our hands with coffee and eat cinnamon rolls.

  164. my perfect fall day starts with a psl and apple cider donut, snuggles with my sweet boy and hubby! Then we head to the pumpkin patch and have the best time picking out a pumpkin and going on a hayride. Night cap with a glass of wine with my hubby!

  165. My idea of the perfect fall day would be sitting outside under a colorful fall tree drinking coffee and getting lost in a great book!

  166. My perfect fall day would include going to the Farmer’s Market and a pumpkin patch.. dressed in a scarf and boots, of course!

  167. The perfect fall day for me would be sipping on a chai latte outside, enjoying the beauty that is the mountains in autumn. This giveaway would mean so much to me to win as I have had so much adversity and chronic illness develop over the last few months, and ABD is the prettiest pick me up there is!

  168. My idea of the perfect fall day would be one spent outside taking my dog for a long walk or visiting the Apple Orchard!!

  169. Favorites about fall: cozy boots, and warm mugs, steeping spiced cider, and Apple picking. I love the crunch of leaves, the briskness of the air, the ripples of clouds that escape between my lips. I love the smells of burning firewood, of childhood nostalgia.

  170. ‘Fall’ or Autumn as we call it in the UK is my fave season!! The perfect day involves a long walk rustling in the fallen leaves followed by a cup of tea by the log fire with a good book and cosy jumper. Bliss!!

  171. My perfect fall day starts off with cinnamon and sugar donuts with both cider and coffee, and is followed with a walk through the zoo trail with my kids and a big chili dinner.

  172. Yay!!! It’s time for another giveaway! My idea of a perfect fall day is walking along the James River and enjoying the scenery of the river/views of Richmond, Va

  173. My perfect fall day is anything that includes going on an adventure! Going apple picking or to a pumpkin patch is always super fun! Then, relaxing at home with some warm apple cider–Fall is my favorite season!

  174. My perfect fall day is throwing on boots and a chunky sweater, spending the day outside in the cool weather, and coming home for red wine and comfort food. Thanks for the giveaway!

  175. My perfect fall day includes tailgating with pumpkin flavored foods, a winning Virginia Tech football game and ending the evening with apple cider under a blanket. Heavenly!

  176. My perfect fall day would involve finally getting to wear plaid and my riding boots, going for a walk amongst the leaves and definitely a PSL!

  177. I love ABD! My idea of a perfect fall day is sitting on the porch with my husband drinking a PSL when the crisp, fall air settles in. Talking about life, love and enjoying each other’s company. Not to mention a pumpkin candle burning too!

  178. My perfect fall day is a crisp 70 degrees (Fall in FL :)) and a pumpkin spice latte in hand. And of course the obligatory visit to the pumpkin patch.

  179. My idea of a perfect fall day is holding hands walking through a park filled with leaves drinking hot cocoa and listening to the crunch of leaves

  180. My perfect fall day is all bundled up in my fall clothes with hot chocolate watching my local high school play football. There is just something special in the air at those games.

  181. The perfect Fall day is one where the air is crisp, layered tops is a must, a chai latte in my ABD “Everyday I’m Hustlin!” travel mug, and a walk in the park with my two little boys!

  182. Perfect fall day is…sleeping in, going for a walk and crunching through some leaves, drinking lots of pumpkin coffee, and enjoying chili and football!

  183. The perfect fall day is spending time with family and friends in College Station, TX cheering on the Texas A&M Aggies! Followed by an evening on Northgate, reminiscing on our college days!

  184. My idea of a perfect fall day is being at home in my comfy clothes, reading a good book with a cup of hot coffee in my hands and a candle lit.

  185. My perfect fall day is an Saturday in Athens, GA to watch the Bulldogs play! Tailgating and cheering on my favorite team and then ending the day at home by the fire pit with red wine…heavenly!

  186. Eek! What an awesome giveaway! My perfect fall day involves a big cup of coffee, a trip to the local farmers market, brunch, a hike, and spending time with family and friends!

  187. My idea of the perfect fall day is spending it outside, picking some pumpkins followed by some football and ending it with a fantastic meal of veggies and a cold beer!

  188. My perfect fall day would include hot chocolate or hot coffee, relaxing on the cypress swing my husband built me outside of our home, listening to the wind chimes…. I can’t wait!

      • >my perfect fall day is typically spending time with friends and family on the screen porch enjoying the weather. this fall i think it will end up being my wedding day.

  189. A perfect fall day would be apple pancakes in bed with my fiance, then getting up and hiking through the Kettle Moraine, making a big dinner together and then having friends over for drinks!

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