Ashley Brooke Designs Summer Favorites Giveaway

It’s here, My 2015 Summer Favorites Giveaway!!!

Like I promised”¦ I’m giving away a few of my Summer Favorites!!  I’m so excited about this fabulous giveaway, and I can’t wait for one very lucky reader to get this box of goodies in the mail.  As you know, I do a seasonal giveaway at the start of every new season/or holiday (take a peek at what I’ve given away in the past!)! This is so fun; I hope you love my “favorites” as much as I do!

Here are all the details you need to know”¦

1. Twine + Twig tassel necklace. You will LOVE this thing. 

2. HOT pink Kendra Scott Earrings… KS is my fave!

3. Pineapple earrings from ThreeJane NY , perfect for summer!

4. Ring holder from our girls over at Glambox.

5. My favorite new product, floral ceramic travel mug!

6. Our shiny 14k gold “Like A Boss” mug, it is magical.

7. Dagne Dover Tiny Tote, the cutest thing ever.

8. Rose gold Happy Plugs so that you can jam out in style! 

9. A Providence Story’s tassel key chains, I love these!

10. Hattan Home’s gold desk accessories (hello golden scissors, coin dish, & letter opener of my dreams!), use these every single day.

11. Our brand new “All the Secrets” notebook!

12. Our MASSIVE Work it water bottle, perfect for those hot days!

13. Lilly print painted sandals from The Lilly Pad Company.

14. Margaret Elizabeth bangles… I wear them almost every day! 

15. The Day Designer’s Today & To Do notebook so you can hustle in style.

16. Acrylic hashtag sign for your desk.

17. The cutest bucket you’ve ever seen from Society Social!

18. Simply Spotless fabric cleaner  for when you accidentally spill your sangria on your white dress!

19. The Prettiest Marble laptop cover from UNIQFIND!

20. Some of my favorite products from Julep

21. JollyTime Popcorn, because popcorn is my FAVE.

22. Two of my favorite products (obsessed & OBSESSED) from One Love Organics!

You have until Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. EST to enter this fabulous Summer giveaway! Just click into the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the easy steps to rack up extra entries! 

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  1. Oops, I commented with other people haha….I will do my own just in case. My absolute favorite places to vacation are beaches that have any type of gorgeous sea life and snorkeling to enjoy. It’s very relaxing and peaceful.

  2. I love to vacation at the Central California coast – relaxed atmosphere and beautiful weather!

  3. My favorite place is Southern Florida. Nothing like the sound of the waves as you lay in the warmth with a good book and cocktail.

  4. Whoops, just saw the question. Hmm… love me some Nashville – Arrington Vinyards, all those green hills, lovely coffee shops.

  5. Hands down, the Amalfi Coast in Italy! Nothing beats the beautiful towns, amazing food, lemons, and incredible views.

  6. Going to Hawaii next week for the first time and pretty sure it will make it to the top of my favorite vacation list!

  7. All of these just scream for a beach vaycay! Ft. Myers, Florida for me for a family vacation or Riviera Maya for some alone time with the husband! 🙂

  8. My new favorite vacation spot is the UK. My husband and I went there on our honeymoon last year and I miss it desperately!

  9. Montreal <3 My first trip with my boyfriend was there and we're visiting again in August! Such a pretty place.

  10. I’m planning a trip to Germany, and it’s looking like Dresen will soon be my new favorite place to go!

  11. I absolutely love vacationing in Hawaii. I feel like I can always get the perfect blend of relaxation and get-up-and-go.

  12. I love beach getaways but there is something about the mountains that makes you feel so far removed from the craziness of life!

  13. I haven’t really gone on a real vacation anytime in the past 6 years so pretty much anywhere would be fantastic! I’d love to take my kids to Disney 🙂

  14. Our favorite places to vacation are Texas and Hawaii – even though we’ve never been there yet! Fingers crossed we’ll get there soon 😉

  15. I’ve been dreaming about a vacation for almost 8 years now, and I’d really just like to go anywhere there is a plethora of sunshine, a white sand beach, and an outdoor cocktail bar! 😉

  16. i’m a transplanted California girl, and there’s no place like home- even if it’s just a vacation 🙂

  17. My favorite place to vacation is this little town in Virginia where my mom grew up! The best time to go is early in the summer, the weather is perfect and the flowers are in full bloom everywhere!

  18. My husband and I were stationed in Germany, and we spent the majority of our leave days visiting family in the states, so we didn’t have many chances to just go anywhere we wanted.. With that being said, I just recently got out of the Army and we are planning a River trip, which is my FAVORITE thing to do in the summer! I’m also SUPER excited to go to Myrtle Beach with my husband this summer, I’ve NEVER been! Sad, I know! haha 🙂

  19. Chicago is my favorite place to vacation in the summer (not the winter– too cold)!! There are so many great food and entertainment options around the city!

  20. I can never say no to Disney World, but I also love Hawaii and would LOVE to do a European vacation one day.

  21. How do I possibly pick just one favorite place to vacation!? 🙂 30A in Florida might just take the cake.

  22. My favorite vacation spot ever is Ambergris Caye, Belize. I like to go new places and see new things (Cuba is next on my list, I’m dyyyyyying to go to Cuba), but Belize was my absolute favorite trip.

  23. My favorite spot to vacation is this little town where my mother grew up in Virginia. The best time to go is in the Summer! The weather is absolutely gorgeous and the flowers are in full bloom everywhere!

  24. I love to vacation in the beautiful beach of my country Dominican Republic.
    I’m loving the empowering phrases on the mug, and the beautiful accessories and Summer details.

  25. My absolute favorite place to vacation is Longboat Key, FL and Anna Maria Island,FL. It is has been my childhood vacation spot for years and brings nothing but happy memories!

  26. Lovely giveaway!
    Anywhere with friends is good. Put me on a plane or in the car. I’m always up for travel. Paris with hubby might have been the best vaca so far.

  27. My favorite place to vacation is Tennessee! I always used to go when I was younger! My whole family would stay together and we always made the best memories!

  28. My favorite place to vacation would be Montana. It’s the only place we would go we would go as a family and it was beautiful. There was so much to do that would bring my family together like hiking, camping, and kayaking. I miss those times together with my family as a whole.

  29. I love to go on vacation any place with warm water and great waves, but I also have been dying to go back to Italy! (P.S. Love the tassel keychains!)

  30. Oh, I love this so much! So many bright, fun things that are perfect for summer!

    Our go to vacation spot growing up was always Michigan, where my mom’s whole family lives. But my personal favorite spot is a retreat center in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania called White Sulphur Springs. There’s tons of space to relax, trails to hike, land to explore, rocking chairs on the back porch, and some of the most gorgeous sunsets you ever did see.

  31. I love going to The Royal in Playa deal Carmen! The beach so relaxing, the food is amazing, and the entertainment is great.

  32. My favourite place to vacation so far has been Florida. Being from Canada, anything warm is really appreciated haha. It is also my family’s favourite place to vacation. We always have a really great time there.

  33. My favorite place to vacation is Colorado in the summertime! So beautiful and so many outdoor things to do!

  34. I would love this soooo much! I am a teacher and am
    Switching grades this year… I’m spending so much money on new supplies, these items would make me so happy! I’ve been wanting to buy a few of these items, so I could finally try them! ☺️ But my favorite place I’ve ever been was Florida ❤️ Anywhere by the water is a place I love!

  35. I think my favorite vacation spot is anywhere in Italy. Capri is absolutely gorgeous and so romantic, while Rome and Florence are so rich in culture…not to mention all of the amazing food!

  36. I love to vacation anywhere with a great art scene. I love going to museums, the theater, and dance performances!

  37. My favorite is definitely Key West! Can’t beat the sun, sand, and margaritas! Plus all the beautiful colors that surround you!

  38. I love to vacation anywhere really! I love beach and mountains alike! My favorite place so far has been North Carolina! I’m a Floridian so mountains are so majestic to me!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

  39. My favorite place to vacation so far would have to be Chelan — it is just a few hours drive away and it is gorgeous! Not to mention it has it’s fair share of gorgeous wineries ;D

  40. My favorite place to vacation is anywhere with my family, a beach, and good food & drinks! I am such a summer girl, this giveaway would be a dream!

  41. My favorite place to vacation is the Jersey Shore, which is where I grew up. It’s always nice to go “home” for a week or two and see friends & family.

  42. For right now, it’s Colorado! We miss living there and it is definitely our happy place! BUT, when we liv in Colorado it’s at the Esperanza resort in Cabo! ☀️

  43. Every year my husband’s family vacations on Cape Cod & it’s become such a special place for me. My in-laws have now retired there so we get lots of bonus trips!

  44. Haven’t been there in a few years, but as a kid we went up for summers to Glen Arbor in Northern Michigan. The local sand dunes weren’t voted the most beautiful place in America by GMA for nothin’!

  45. I love vacationing anywhere new! If I haven’t been before, I want to go, especially if there’s hiking or kayaking!

  46. I love visiting new places but my favorite vacation recently was a trip to Rome. It is a beautiful city that is wonderful to explore on foot and get lost in!

  47. I love going to the beach and staying in a comfortable hotel. Anywhere with a good view and warm weather 🙂

  48. We like to rent cabins at our state parks. They are really nice and great for a big family on a budget. We are hoping to make it to Niagara Falls this year.

  49. I’m actually going back to one of my all-time favorite places on Earth in September: Walt Disney World! I cannot wait to be there once more and celebrate 4 magical years of marriage with my hubby <3

  50. Just realized I didn’t comment my fave place to vacay. For years I used to go down to Duck NC. However, an exciting student trip lead me to Sorrento, Italy. If I had a week left to live, it’d be there, watching the sunset over the Island of Capri, sipping on Limoncello!

  51. I love vacationing new places that I’ve never been. Or Hawaii. Or my parents’ idyllic backyard….so many great places to go!

  52. Your seasonal favorites giveaways are the best! 🙂 My favorite place to vacation is Sarasota, FL! The beach there is amazing!

  53. Our favorite place to vacation over the summer is the Outer Banks, NC – we have gone every year since I was a kid, and its my favorite week of the year!

  54. My family has a camp, and that is my ALL TIME favorite. But in a few short months I will be taking my first cruise to the Bahamas and I couldn’t be more excited!

  55. I love to vacation in Sigonella, Sicilia. It is gorgeous, full of culture and delicious food. You relax just by watching the day go by on a mountain top.

  56. My favorite vacation spot usually involves the beach and a fruity drink. We love taking a quick cruise to the islands or spend a ‘staycation’ in New Smyrna.

  57. Our favorite place to vacation, hands down, is Paris! Perfect excuse to sit in a cafe and drink wine all day 😉

  58. Being from Belgium but now living in the US-my favorite place to visit is Belgium. I love going home and getting to visit my family. Plus Belgium (other than waffles, chocolate and beer 😉 has many great things to offer!!

    Also, I got waaaay too excited about all the organizing items included in the giveaway!!

  59. My fav place to vacation is Disney World. There is something for everyone there and you just can’t help but be happy! 🙂

  60. I live in Southern California and enjoy going to some of the beautiful places along the California coast:) Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  61. My favorite place to vacation is actually NYC, I would love to go back again. So many pretty things to see.

  62. I like to go anywhere my family is, but if I had to pick a place to vacation Disney World is pretty fun!

  63. My favorite place to vacation is New Jersey! I have so many fond memories of going there with my family growing up!

  64. I love to vacation in the mountains or at the beaches of North Carolina…such beautiful and relaxing places 🙂

  65. What a beautiful array of items. That blue tote is adorable! My favorite place to vaca is anywhere where the ocean meets me. I really loved visit Monaco, though!

  66. Right now fave holiday place is Bali. I like part active, part cultural and part relaxing holidays. This *summer give-away* is simply gorgeous and so generous of you Ashley.

  67. I love to travel. My favorite place is hard to pick…I adore Salzburg, Austria, Crypus has the best seafood I’ve ever had, Windsor, England is beautiful and peaceful…so many places each have something special.

  68. My favorite place to vacation is the Oregon Coast. My family has had a house there for three generations and it is always the families top priority to spend some time together each summer due to us being spread out across the U.S.

  69. My favorite place to vacation is at the beach. This goody bag would be perfect since my birthday is approaching!

  70. As a child we vacationed to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. My best childhood memories are in Maui. Hope to be able to return with my children soon!

  71. Amazing giveaway! Our favorite place to vacation is Walt Disney world in Florida – visit the parks, eat great good & go swimming in the pool! We LOVE it!

  72. I have never taken a beach vacation before, so I would love to spend a few weeks just soaking in God’s beautiful nature in Hawaii!! My fave vacation I ever have been on is Italy though. I would never deny an opportunity to visit Italy again.

  73. My favorite place to vacation is NYC. Being with family & always finding something new to discover in and out of the city.

  74. My favorite place to vacation is Pigeon Forge, TN. We like to go rafting and to Dollywood every year.

  75. This is so great! As a college student, some of these would be so helpful and adorable in my first apartment in the fall!

    My favorite place to vacation is in Maine! I’ve gone there ever since I was little girl, so it holds so many memories and is absolutely beautiful! (:

  76. My favorite place to vacation is Disney World. Those Lilly Pad sandals would be perfect for my trip there in July!

  77. My favorite vacation spot will forever be Florence, Italy! My favorite city in the world. 🙂

  78. Everything is to die for! I love going anywhere in Massachusetts like Cambridge or Cape Cod, but I have always wanted to go to Italy!

  79. We love Gulf Breeze and Pensacola in Florida! BEAUTIFUL water — they don’t call it the Emerald Coast for nothin’!!

  80. I looove this giveaway! I really never get vacations, but I’d like to take a trip to Bali or Fiji!

  81. I don’t totally have a favorite, just anywhere I can leave work behind and enjoy some downtime with my hubby is good for me. If I had to pick though, I guess Captiva Island, FL.

  82. I would like to stay home for a vacation,& get some things done that I never have time for. I hope I win! Thank you for the chance.

  83. Oh my Stars and Stripes! While I haven’t actually been, I have a feeling that our upcoming honeymoon in Italy (swoon!) will be my very favorite! Such an exciting giveaway!!

  84. My favorite place to vacation… I haven’t been there yet, but I think it would be Corolla, NC, to see wild horses on the beach! 🙂

  85. My family has gone to St. Simon’s Island/Sea Island every summer but 1 for the last 10 years. It’s our absolutely favorite place to vacation.

  86. My favorite vacation spot has got to be New York City; the fast paced lifestyle up there is perfect for a busy bee like me.

  87. Love, love, love to vacation on the beaches of Cape Cod, MA. Lemonade, lobsters, lots of suntan lotion and friends! What more can a girl ask for?

  88. I love to take day trips down to Lancaster city, PA. Its an up and coming city that has amazing local coffee shops and restaurants! There is also a place to paint your own pottery that is pretty cool too.

  89. I love the “All the Secrets” notebook! I’m a big fan of One Love Organics and haven’t tried those two products yet. I’ve also been wanting some Kendra Scott earrings. What a great giveaway!

  90. My favorite place to vacation is the beach, always!! I also had a TON of fun when my husband and I went to Disneyland last year! I was surprised by how much fun we had especially considering we went as young adults with no kids, ha!

  91. My favorite place to vacation is right here at home – Louisiana – so full of culture and great food… why would we ever want to leave?

  92. My favorite place to vacation is hands down New Orleans! It’s where my now-hubby and I fell in love, where he secretly bought my engagement ring, and where we go back to every time we get the chance! There’s magic there if you ask me! Thanks for hosting such an incredible giveaway!

  93. I LOVE vacationing in the Florida Keys. I’m a FL girl but we travel south to Islamorada and take days trips for snorkeling, deep sea fishing and we take our boat out. So relaxing and fun and so beautiful.

  94. I love exploring new place for vacation. My favorite places has to be Puerto Rico and Nashville. I also love going to my cousins in CT for the 4th of July too.

  95. Wow I would die to have this giveaway! I just started a new job and all of this would be so lovely to decorate my office while looking stylish and feeling great! Also, my favorite place is anywhere with water, sun, and a drink in my hand!

  96. Love this give away! I live at the beach but still love to vacation at the beach. Destin, fl is my fav. Is that weird lol!

  97. We go to Destin FL and stay in a house on the beach with our entire family ever year – can’t beat it!

  98. I was just able to travel to Jamaica with my family for my brother’s wedding, it was INCREDIBLE! Would love to go back with some girlfriends.

  99. Oh I haven’t really had much opportunity to travel but went to Tulum last year and had the best time!!

  100. This is a fabulous collection of beautiful things! As for vacation I’m a mountains and trees kind of girl.

  101. We love to vacation at the beaches along 30A in Florida! Grayton Beach and Seaside are our favorites!

  102. My fav place in the past has been Italy. Also, the big island (Hawaii). Thanks so much for the incredible giveaway!

  103. Favorite vacation would be wading through the beautiful blue ocean and digging my toes in the sand!

  104. I like to go anywhere OTHER than the beach. Sounds crazy right? I’m from Florida so I am so lucky to have access to the sand and surf year round. For vacation I prefer a change in scenery.

  105. My favorite place to vacation is Paso Robles, a small wine town in Central California. It’s quiet and quaint, and there’s so much delicious wine! It’s the perfect place to relax, to read, to write, and to reconnect with friends and family!

  106. Going to my family’s beach cottage on Lake Michigan is probably my favorite summer vacation spot. Naples, Fl is also a close runner up 🙂

  107. I love visiting San Francisco and driving up to wine country. So excited to be going this summer with the hubs for my birthday!

  108. What a beautiful and generous giveaway! My favorite vacation spot is probably Maui–but I never mind a nice stay-cation either 😉 Happy Friday!

  109. I love vacationing with my husband! My personal favorite is when we take road trips across the U.S. together. This summer we are taking our dog, Tucker, to the ocean as its part of his bucket list. (Yes, I have a bucket list for my dog. He’s 11 and awesome.) I’m excited for this adventure with my little family! 🙂

  110. Love to go on vacation to Monterey, Ca. Cloudy sky’s perfect weather, gorgeous beaches. Spent honeymoon there with my husband. Absolutely love and can’t wait to go back.

  111. So excited for my yearly trip back home for the 4th of July and then to the beach! Such a reward after the end of the fiscal year!

  112. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of a trip to California, so that’s probably my favorite place to go on vacation.

  113. My favorite place is anywhere with a beach or traveling to different countries and learning about new cultures!

  114. I love this giveaway! So fun and so beautiful. My favorite place to vacation is West Michigan. The lake is gorgeous in the summer and the sandy beaches are the perfect place to relax and recharge!

  115. My favorite place to vacay So far is Korea. I lived in Korea for four years in high school and I’ve been dying to go back for vacay! Love your giveaways!

  116. My favorite place to vacation is upstate New York. My dad’s family used to have a cabin in the Adirondack mountains about two hours from Canada. I loved playing in the lake, sunbathing, hiking, and being with family! So many great memories!!

  117. ABD has the best giveaways ever. Favorite summer getaway…anywhere my suitcase will take me, I am always up for an adventure even at a moments notice.

  118. I love staying in the Hamptons with my aunt! The Hamptons has cute little stores (including the cutest vineyard vines And the cutest Lilly Pulitzer). The restaurants are great and Main Beach is fun!

  119. My favorite vacation was in Maui for my honeymoon! We are finally going to the beach again next month to Clearwater FL and I would love to take all of the items with me!

  120. My favorite place to vacation is The Atlantis in Bahamas! I had a memorable ladies trip last year with all the special women in my life! Mom, Sister, Grandma and Aunts!! I’ll never forget it!

  121. My favorite place to vacation is anywhere we can do lots of exploring. But also, I have to make myself not choose Hawaii for allthevacays. It just feels like home!

  122. My favorite place to vacay is on a cruise! My wanderlust is strong so I would really love to visit just about anywhere.

  123. I am in LOVE with all the pineapple goodness in this giveaway — hope I’m the lucky one! Favorite summer getaway, definitely the Hampton’s — but more realistically St. Pete beach!

  124. I love taking vacations that get me out of the city. Camping trips in the local state parks are a given. The peace and quiet while hiking through the woods or kayaking around a lake are just priceless for relaxing.

  125. For something exotic, Turks & Caicos is awesome.
    In the summer, we like to go to Maine or the New Jersey shore, where things are laid back. In the fall, we love San Fran and Napa.

  126. I actually have two places, my parents house in Puerto Rico (they moved back years ago) and our time share in Bahamas (Atlantis) : )

  127. I would LOVE to go back to Nantucket. However, my favorite summer getaway is my hometown near Stone Harbor and Avalon, NJ!

  128. My favorite place to vacation is literally anywhere. I love cities, I love beaches, I love the country side, cruises, mountains, everywhere. Recent travels that have left me astounded include a trip to Iceland, with a stop in Slovenia and Slovakia, finishing in Ireland. Those four countries offered me such different experiences, and I love all of them for vastly different reasons. I hope to explore South America soon, and in just a month I’ll be road tripping across the South West of the USA, which I’m really looking forward to!

  129. My favorite place to vacation is Litchfield Beach, SC. I go there almost every summer with my family and it’s so nice and quaint and relaxing!

  130. My favorite place to vacation was when my mom and I went to Italy for two weeks!! I’d go back in a heartbeat!

  131. I would love to go back to Kauai or Barcelona! Next trip is Thailand next month, my first solo trip, and I would love to take these goodies with me!

  132. My favorite summer vacation spots are by the water. I love Cape Cod and Atlantic City. I plan on visiting both this summer!

  133. My favorite summer vacation spot is Seaside, FL! My family and I have been going there every other summer for the past 6 years!

  134. Key West is my all time favorite vacation spot. I love the architecture of the homes and buildings and the laid back Island feel….not to mention the best mojitos.

  135. Let’s see, my favorite place to travel is Ireland but my favorite place to vacation for a mental getaway is at the beach. Warm beeezes, palm trees swaying, toes in the water, cocktail in hand … Geez now I want to plan a getaway! Thanks for the chance to win and for all your inspiration.

  136. leaving for France and Portugal in one month! I have dreaming of this trip for months, I am hoping it will be the best vacation yet 🙂

    thanks for putting on this amazing giveaway!

  137. My favorite place to vacation is Tennessee! It’s where my best friend is, and I love the beautiful Smoky Mountains! A more non-specific answer: anywhere with a cozy cabin and a lake! 🙂

  138. I love visiting South Carolina—camping and hitting the beach at Hunting Island and wandering the charming streets of Charleston. But I imagine I’d quite like to vacation in the South of France…

  139. I’d love to visit the Greek Islands, but visiting my grandparents on the beach in Florida is my favorite place to spend my summertime vacation days!

  140. My favorite place to vacation is San Francisco! Not to far from a beautiful few days in Napa where it’s nice and hot, but also lots of amazing things to do right in San Francisco (including delicious donut shops!)

  141. I love going to our beach house in South Florida! It’s nice to escape the cold winters up north for the sunny beaches!

  142. Iceland! My boyfriend and I are already planning another multi-day hike across the beautiful island for next summer.

  143. Hands down the British Virgin Islands. My hubby & I went sailing there for our honeymoon and it was the most beautiful, relaxing vacation. I can’t wait to take many more family vacations there with our son!

  144. I love all of these items! I’ll definitely need some of these cuties to pack in my bag when I go to the beach in a couple of weeks!!

  145. I love to travel, but my favorite place to vacation is on the Gulf Coast because that’s where I vacation with my family!

  146. I’m a California girl and I love to vacation in my home state as well. Northern CA is awesome and a weekend in Healdsburg is my fav!

  147. I live in Southern Arizona and my partner and I love to camp in N. AZ in the summer time … it’s a short 4 hour drive and a great way to beat the heat and enjoy greenery and nature in a mostly arid place!

  148. My favorite vacation spot is Aix-en-Provence, France! I spent 3 weeks studying abroad there and it stole my heart. I ADORE this giveaway!! Best I’ve ever seen. Fingers crossed 🙂

  149. Even though I live in the U.S. now, I’m from Scotland, & it’s my favourite place to visit in the whole entire world. Scotland weather is just rainnnnnn allll the time (which is my fave!) & I just love to sit at the beach in the summer with grey skies & cool water & a little misty rain- there’s really nothing like it!

  150. My absolute favorite place to vaca is either Disneyland (since I live in Cali) or Walt Disney World (which I am super stocked to visit in September for my wedding anniversary)!

  151. I’ ve been fortunate to travel to Mexico, Europe, and China. I would gladly love to have a summer vacation in those countries but I would definitely love to go to either Bora Bora or Hawaii!

  152. I recently vacationed in South Carolina and fell in love with the place. I love anywhere with warm weather!

  153. Going to Europe last year definitely took the cake on best summer vacation. We went to Germany and Lithuania, and it was such an uplifting experience! Immersing ourselves into new cultures was exactly what the summertime called for!

  154. Vacationing with my boyfriend and his family is always my favorite. Every trip has been a great bonding experience and I have loved getting to grow closer to his family. As long as I get to spend days in the sun, spending time outside, and adventuring with my favorite guy, I am the happiest!

  155. I love a good European city, Napa wine tour, or girls weekend but right now I’m craving a week on the beach with my husband and total relaxation.

  156. I have been to many of the National Parks my favorite being Capitol Reef in Utah. So any vacation that has hiking and natural beauty are my favorites.

  157. My favorite place to vacation is anywhere with my family that has good food and good shopping 🙂 Some beautiful places have been the United Arab Emirates, Alaska, and South Korea.

  158. I love small beach or mountain towns. Where you can disconnect, you’re always outdoors and you’re just enjoying nature!

  159. My favorite place to vacation is the panhandle of Florida! It easy to get to and so beautiful. My favorite vacation ever was to California wine country and Pebble Beach…but that isn’t doable each year.

  160. My favorite vacation is in the mountains of NC! So many beautiful places to hike with my fiancé and puppy!

  161. I love to travel to anywhere by the water. Living in Michigan we have the best time enjoying the lakes in the summer time. If I am not enjoying my home state, Aruba is my favorite destination! Perfect water, sand, weather and resorts!

  162. My favorite vacations are anywhere near the water. I especially loved Vancouver Island and Ireland.

  163. Perfect list of things for a summer adventure!! Can’t wait for a few long weekends at the coast shucking oysters, eating fresh crab, and time at the beach!

  164. my favorite vacations are those spent on the beach relaxing and playing in the ocean with my fiancé. Just 3 weeks ago we were engaged and celebrated on the beach of Amelia Island. So that has to be my favorite vacation!

  165. The ideal vaca is anywhere with people I love. That’s when you know good times will roll!

  166. I always love a good beach trip! It’s so nice to relax on the beach with a good book and a delicious drink!

  167. I have been so fortunate to travel a lot in my 23 years of life already! By far my favorite place is Europe, specifically Germany. It’s so historic and beautiful. And I feel as though it is often over-looked as a vacation destination!

  168. I love everything ABD! I would love to win this giveaway of fab goodies! They would all be perfect for upcoming wedding events as I get ready for my fall 2016 wedding!! Notebooks for planning! Tumblers to stay cool this summer, jewelry and sandals for all the events coming up!! Thank you for such a great chance to win!

  169. We do staycations in San Antonio.the kids love the zoo and all of us enjoy the Riverwalk. We live in Austin so it’s not too far from home. But it’s one of our favorite things to do to get away even for just the weekend. 🙂

  170. My absolute favorite place to vacation is somewhere tropical. I love the beach, and I actually live where most people vacation. I still love seeing other places and other beaches. Thanks for this amazing summer giveaway!! Crossing my fingers and toes!! 🙂

  171. What a great giveaway! My favorite place to vacation is at the beach with my family. We don’t all get together that often throughout the year so it has always been something I look forward to.

  172. Love everything about this giveaway! Our favorite vacation is anywhere we haven’t been before – it’s so fun to explore a new place!

  173. I love everything ABD and I need everything in this giveaway! I talk about these items almost every time I come across them and how nice it’d be to have them! 🙂

  174. Ahh these are all super cute! I feel in some way that I have more than a dire need for all these beautiful items. Let’s hope I win! #FingersCrossed #TasselKeychainsFTW

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  176. I love vacationing up in PA where my family is. We go up once a year and it’s always so nice seeing them. Even if we don’t do anything exciting, it’s still so nice being with them. Definitely my favorite place to vacation

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