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Name and Occupation

Anne Marie Cramer/ Clothing Designer of Anne M. Cramer

Is your desk more OCD organized or artistically organized chaos?

My desk is a bit of both! I call myself a “Pile-Shifter”. By the end of each day my work space is a total disaster. Each morning, however, I make it neat, fresh piles to work from. And the cycle continues. Each + Every day!

What’s your favorite item on your desk?

My favorite and must have at my home office as well as my studio office”¦ chocolate! Ever day right around 2:30p.m. it is my saving grace!

Pens or Pencils?


At your desk, is silence golden or do tunes set the mood?

Silence rules at my desk! Because I am fairly scatter-brained in every other aspect of my life (in a good way), my desk is a place of peace + quiet where I can really worlax (work + relax). Lucky for me, my work is about 99% relaxing for me.

What does your dream desk look like? Is this it?

My dream desk is a vintage mirrored parsons-style desk with nothing but my Mac + a pencil on it. Oh, and a clear vase with fresh white tulips. This is not that. Ha. But I would get nothing done at my dream desk. It would just look stunning!


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