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This week’s Desk Obsessed features a very talented and close friend of mine Becka Robinson! Becka and I met a few years back at a blogging boot camp put on by the fabulous Liene Stevens and have stayed close friends ever since! Her work is always filled with inspiration, truth, with a touch of whimsy… and her little one Cadence, may just be the cutest mini person ever. Those eyebrows get me every time! Anyways I’m super excited to have her on the blog today!  And don’t worry! I’ve got all the good dish on Becka’s desk ““ from pens to snacks to music: all the dirty details! Hope you enjoy!

Name and Occupation

Becka Robinson photographer at Studio 222 Photography,  blogger at Life as an Artistprenuer, and Disney Baby

Is your desk more OCD organized or artistically organized chaos?

I definitely work better when things are all in their places so

I start out with a clean slate, everything in it’s organized place. But I tend to get in the zone a lot

and when I come up for air, my desk is wrecked- pens strewn about, packaging pieces all over,

discs and flash drives and CF cards scattered, and usually an empty larabar wrapper somewhere in the mix.
What’s your go to pen or pencil? (We know you have a favorite!)

I have a mysterious talent for losing mass quantities of pens. I have to buy those huge economy packs every few months because somehow I lose them all. Simple black ballpoint pens with little finger cushions are my favorite.

What are you listening to at your desk these days? If you prefer to work in silence, is there a song or album that’s gets your juices flowing when you’re stuck in a rut?

I work in silence quite a bit. But when I do listen to music I bounce between my mellow playlist full of Florence and the Machine, Amy Seeley, and The Head and The Heart and my energizing playlist full of Jay Z, Flo Rida, and mixes by Michael Antonia (aka The Flashdance)

Are there snacks or treats within arms reach of your desk? What are they?

My desk is covered in electronics so I need things I can eat without making a mess. Bear Naked Granola’s Fruit & Nut flavor is my favorite snack right now. I toss a few dairy-free chocolate chips in and chow down.

What 3 Things on your desk keep you on track and inspired?

-My life is organized via my technology (I’d be lost without it) so at my desk I have both my big daddy

Mac Pro as well as my Macbook Air. While I work on the big screen, I keep my to do list apps

(like Teux Deux and Things) open on my laptop screen.

-I try to drink 75oz of water a day (it’s HOT here in Florida)

so I always have one of those plastic Starbucks tumblers full of ice water nearby

-I have a print on my desk that makes me laugh every time overwhelmed. It’s by Orange Beautiful

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