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This week’s Desk Obsessed features the incredibly talented and power house Lara Casey of Laura Casey Media (better known as Southern Weddings Magazine, Making Things Happen, Making Brands Happen )! A few years ago I had the pleasure of attending Making Things Happen in Watercolor, Florida where I met Lara. She is the kindest sweetest soul and we immediately hit it off and I’m so honored to “have her over” so to speak, and share a few of her desk obsession with you!  Hope you enjoy!
Name and Occupation: Lara Casey, Magazine Publisher + Branding Consultant

Is your
desk more OCD organized or artistically organized chaos? I am most productive when my desk is clean, but I usually have 100 things going on at once, so artistically organized is more fitting.

What’s your go to pen or pencil? (We know you have a favorite!) Pen!  The G2 1 point thick gel rollerball is my favorite!

What are you listening to at your desk these days? Chris Rice put out an album of hymns that I listen to often, but usually I like silence.

If you prefer to work in silence, is there a song or album that’s gets your juices flowing when you’re stuck in a rut?
Yes, I love Kirk Franklin!  Gospel music makes me feel alive.

Are there snacks or treats within arms reach of your desk? What are they? I am admittedly a protein bar lover (OK, “lover” is a mild way to describe me). I eat about 4-5 Organic NuGo Dark Chocolate bars a day. I eat every 2 hours or so. I used to eat Luna Bars all day between meals, but the dark chocolate always wins.

What 3 Things on your desk keep you on track and inspired? My Bible is always open + I need something to take notes on (LOVE my new Make It Happen notepads that we just create for my new shop – gold foil on every single page!) + water. I drink a whole lot of water.


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