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This week’s Desk Obsessed features the queen of social media, Liene of The Splendid Collective! I met Lienne a few years ago at a Blogging Bootcamp that she was hosting here in Orlando. On a whim I signed up for her all day class, and to be honest it was one of the greatest things I have done! Liene was so beyond knowledgeable and kind, plus a few lasting friendships were made during that 8 hour course. So to be honest Liene change the course of Ashley Brooke Designs. I will forever be grateful for the few hours I spent learning from Liene. So as you can imagine I am super excited to feature her today, I hope you enjoy!!

Name and Occupation
Liene Stevens of The Splendid Collective
Author, speaker, and consultant on the intersection of business and social/consumer psychology, specializing in the millennial generation. Basically, I help companies in the wedding and lifestyle industries understand how their clients behave and make decisions.

Is your desk more OCD organized or artistically organized chaos?

I guess it would fall more in the OCD category, but it is usually as bare as possible. I don’t like a lot of clutter around while I work,so I’ll have a notebook, pen, my laptop, phone, a beverage and my watch, because I tend to take if off while I’m typing. That’s about it.
What’s your go to pen or pencil? (We know you have a favorite!)

I have two favorites: one is by TUL, fine point black ink (ALWAYS black ink!), and the other is the Sharpie Pen, fine point with the clicky top.
What are you listening to at your desk these days? If you prefer to work in silence, is there a song or album that’s gets your juices flowing when you’re stuck in a rut?

These days it’s been either Beastie Boys on Spotify, the Blind Pilot station on Pandora, or a solo piano mix that I created for Spotify (if I’m writing, I don’t do well with songs with lyrics). My go-to song for getting things done is Family Affair by Mary J. Blige and I will listen to it on repeat ad nauseum.
Are there snacks or treats within arms reach of your desk? What are they?

Almost always a glass of fizzy water and a cup of coffee or tea. I had a hard time quitting soda a few years ago and I realized that it wasn’t the caffeine I was addicted to (I am, but I get that through coffee), but the texture of the carbonation. I now have the sodastream machine to make fizzy water. It is awesome.
What 3 Things on your desk keep you on track and inspired?

It’s not on my desk, but I can see it from my desk: a framed watercolor painting of Africa that a Live Splendid reader and industry colleague sent me. On my desk, I would say the music I listen to (via my laptop) keeps me inspired — good art always does, as well as Instagram on my phone. I love seeing what my friends are up to in the dailiness of life and the things that are catching their eye. It inspires me to notice the little things more often and more deliberately.

TUL pen, Sharpie penAfrica Watercolor, FrameMary J Blige, Tea cup, Spotify, Instagram, Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace, lemon water, striped straw (similar)


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