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Today I want to introduce you to our new fancy column that will be running every couple of weeks or so called “Desk Obsessed“.  As you know by now I illustrate desks for my custom clients all day everyday and I have quickly become “Desk Obsessed”. This shiny new column will feature some of our favorite creatives and the spaces where they make their magic! And of course we want all the good dish on their creative spaces!

So without further adieu…

Melanie Duncan: Owner of Luxury Monograms, the Entrepreneuress Academy and curator of The Iconic Blog.

Is your desk more OCD organized or artistically organized chaos?

Definitely OCD organized. Since such a huge part of my job is visual, I tend to merchandise everything in my life (including my desk).

What’s your favorite desk accessory?

The fresh bouquet of flowers that my husband buys me each week.

Pens or Pencils?

A fabulous Mont Blanc pen.

At your desk, is silence golden or do tunes set the mood?

I usually prefer silence, but every once in a while I love some great music when I am designing.

What does your dream desk look like? Is this it?

I am currently on the hunt for it. I am looking for a very ornate vintage desk that I can paint black with gold hardware.


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