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Name and Occupation

Mindy Lockard/ Owner of The Gracious Girl

Is your desk more OCD organized or artistically organized chaos?

As a busy mom and professional I live in organized chaos. As I tell my interns, the process may seem a bit crazy but the outcome is always beautiful.

What’s your favorite desk accessory?

I love the whimsy of Beth Mueller jars and have collected them over the years. I keep them on my desk for fresh flowers and to store my art supplies.

Pens or Pencils?

I’m currently partnering with one of my favorite pen lines, Sheaffer Pens. When it comes to writing a handwritten note, they give an extra polish to my penmanship.

At your desk, is silence golden or do tunes set the mood?

Although I work best in silence, I typically work to the sound two little girls’ giggles and make believe chatter.

What does your dream desk look like? Is this it?

My dream desk is a bamboo and rattan writing desk accessorized with jars of colored pencils, stacks of etiquette books, my computer and a quad shot Americano. Dreamy.


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