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When Ryan and I decided to re-launch ABD as a full-fledged blog he made me promise that I would add in more personal posts in between all the pretty DIYs, travel, and style posts.  So I promised without really thinking much of it. Actually, I figured that he might just forget about it all together, but alas, here we are with a personal post. He didn’t forget and, honestly, neither did I. 

I love this pretty little blogging and social media world we live in. I know it gets a bad wrap sometimes for not being “real” or “authentic”, but I quite frankly don’t believe that’s true. Are there people out there pretending to be someone they are not? Absolutely. But for the most part (at least the people I follow), they are living their lives and photographing the moments that should be and can be celebrated, which is something I love! 

My life is FAR from perfect and, actually, I’ve been through more heartbreak and trials than most. I experience ups and downs and I can be extremely stubborn, overly sensitive, and my confidence ebbs and flows depending on the day. I’m about as normal and flawed as it gets, but here on this platform I get to shine a light on the wonderful things about life and in my life, and that is something I cherish.

A few years ago while I was in the midst of a difficult season a wonderful and wise friend of mine gave me a sparkly notebook from J. Crew, but she gave with a string attached. She told me that I had to write one thing down in that notebook each day that was good about that day.  It didn’t matter what it was, I just had to write it down. She told me that it would be really hard at first because everything seemed so bleak, but after a while, it would get easier and that I would eventually start seeing all the good. 

And she was right, it was hard at first… really hard in fact. But then it became easy. Instead of sitting at the end of each day trying to find one moment of good I started seeing all of the wonderful things, all the time.  It became a habit I couldn’t break. Eventually, my entries in the notebook became longer and longer, and a year later, after finding the good in every day, I ran out of paper. 

It was one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me. 

I honestly never thought that would happen.  Ever. But it did and once I ran out of paper I took my show on the road (this blog) and started posting bits and pieces of my day that made me smile. Whether it was a great cup of coffee, a new pair of shoes I snagged on sale, or my latest kitchen concoction… it was all so good. Even on hard days, I was in the habit of seeing the good.  It’s still a habit and one I don’t ever want to break.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not the least bit delusional about life. I know first-hand that it is messy, weird, and unpredictable, but here on this blog and our social media platforms I’m documenting the good and celebrating it. Once I ran out of paper, it spilled out here, and for that, I am forever grateful. It isn’t often you find yourself in a job where your main task is to document the good. Life’s funny that way, five years ago I could barely write one good sentence, and today it’s what I do for a living. 

Document the good, you’ll be glad you did.

xoxo- Ashley Brooke 




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Photographed by: Dani Nichol Photography




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  1. this is lovely, and something I will refer back to. thank you for being so authentic here – it’s easy to get caught up in what we perceive people’s lives and experiences to be. it’s really refreshing to see authenticity among all the pretty things. also, this did inspire me to get a new shiny journal for the new year and start documenting the good. xo

    • Hi Justine!

      Thank you so much for your super sweet comment, and for taking the time out of your day to write it! I hope this post helps inspire you. Lots of love!

  2. That was such a wonderful post. Thank you for being honest and for posting such wonderful IG and blog posts. They make happy

  3. Love this post, and looking forward to more personal posts in the future! I recently started writing gratitudes daily and it is a total game-changer! Gratitude and joy are inextricably linked and I love that it is a simple way to re-frame tough days and celebrate beautiful ones.

  4. Ashley, I absolutely love this! As a fellow blogger, I am so sad when I hear people say that I am “fake” or “unrealistic” for sharing the shiny and bright moments more often than the dull and boring ones. We should all celebrate and share the GOOD more often than not! In fact, my blog’s name (Like Honey) is based on a related scripture—Proverbs 16:24

    Thanks for sharing your sweet words and keeping things real AND positive!


    • Hi Mariah!

      Thank you for this, I am so glad you enjoyed the post, and thank you for your sweet words! Also, I just love that verse!

  5. LOVE! I’d love to see you get personal, it’s such an important lesson for everyone that there is a PERSON behind the pretty pictures! 100% support you in everything you do! <3

    • You are so sweet Molly! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! Also, so glad you loved this post! xo

  6. Ashley this is beautiful!!!! I don’t do enough of this. You have always been a source of inspiration in seeing beauty in the mundaneness of daily life. Thanks for the encouragement to look at each day with fresh eyes and gratitude.

    • Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I hope you try it out and let me know what you think! xo

    • Shannon! You are so sweet! Thank you for taking the time to read this and leave a comment, means so much! xo

    • Rhi!!! I’m so grateful for you. Thank you for always being such a wonderful friend. Love how God has intertwined our lives! Love you to the moon! xx

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