Etiquette Tips & TricksCool and sparkly, Champagne is definitely my favorite part of the New Year’s Eve festivities!  So what better topic for etiquette Wednesday than how to achieve the perfect pop for New Year’s Eve.

Step 1: Be sure the bubbly is quite cold.  The bottle should feel extremely cold not just cool to the touch.

Step 2: Wipe down the bottle so you can get a good grip and remove the wire cage from around the cork.

Step 3: Drape a dish towel over the top of the bottle support the neck with one hand letting your thumb rest on the cork for extra protection should the pop not go perfectly.

Step 4: With your free hand grab the fat part of the bottle and slowly turn the bottle while you hold the cork steady…it’s tempting to pull the cork out as soon as it starts getting loose but turn the bottle slowly until you hear a little pop!

We hope you enjoying raising a glass to 2011 and may it be every bit as fabulous as you hope it to be!

For more on popping and pouring champagne click here.


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