Girl Crush- Kate Middleton in Burberry Trench Coat

This weeks girl crush is obviously the Princes-to-be Kate Middleton! I could go on and on about Kate, I think she is timeless and stunning and will make a perfect princess! One of my favorite things about Kate’s style is that it is laid back chic, she never looks over accessorized or like she agonized in the mirror for hour and a half trying to figure out what to wear. Honestly with all of the diamonds and glittery goods she has/will have access too it’s pretty impressive that she never piles it on… personally, I might look like a little girl playing Pretty Pretty Princess (best board game ever!) if I could drape my ensemble in sparkly bobbles!

Anyway, I am so excited about the Royal Wedding tomorrow! I can not wait! I’m having a few girls over to watch in our pjs while sipping English tea (or more likely, mimosas) snacking on scones, and speaking in bad Brittish accents! And of course since I will be up around 5 a.m. to watch, my husband has asked if I could kindly speak in a “whispered English accent” while he gets an extra couple of hours of sleep in before work… I guess I can try and do that!

Image Credit: Glamour


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