Gluten & Dairy Free Easter Brunch Menu

My Favorite Brunch of the Year

I love Easter brunch. It’s truly one of my favorite meals of the year to both cook and enjoy. It’s just so happy, colorful, and well.. GOOD. The morning is always filled with so much hope and joy that by the time we get to brunch, everyone is officially ready to celebrate and break into the carrot cake! 

Today I’m breaking down a full Gluten & Dairy Free Easter brunch menu for you that you can quite literally copy and paste onto your Sunday! Much like my GF/DF Thanksgiving Menu and Valentine Menu, I’ve got you covered from a signature cocktail to the perfect dessert! 

Hopefully this list helps you as you plan your grocery list for the weekend.

Happy Easter, friends! 

GLUTEN FREE / DAIRY FREE: Easter Brunch Menu

It’s time to set the table!

Lavender Lemonade Cocktail

Oh, hi, this looks delicious. We have lavender in our backyard, so hold on while I get the scissors, because we are FOR SURE making this over the weekend. 

Recipe Here

via My Millennial Kitchen

Berry Fruit Salad

I’m typically not a fruit salad kinda gal, but this one is WOW amazing. The mint and lemon really makes this dish really shine.  SO. GOOD.

Recipe Here

via: Gimme Some Oven

Berry Coconut Muffins

Okay, these are a staple in our house. They are truly SO GOOD. You will love this recipe. Also, double it… trust me, you’ll want extra! 

Recipe Here

via: Minimalist Baker

Roasted Rainbow Carrots with Maple Dijon Sauce

This recipe is one you will want to print out. Not only is it a fabulous brunch recipe, it’s also my go-to side dish for dinner parties. It’s delish AND pretty. What more could you ask for?!

Recipe Here

via: Our Balanced Bowl

Bright Spring Salad

This salad looks incredible. I love the colors and the use of veggies, not just leafy greens. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything with a radishes! 

Recipe Here

via: Love & Lemons

*I’d omit the cheese in this one!

Broccoli Quiche with Bacon

Quiche is one of my very favorite food groups. Seriously, I’d eat it every single day if I could, and this recipe looks amazing! Also, I’m dying to try this crust… feels very doable.

Recipe Here

via: Paleo Running Momma

Carrot Cake 

And for the main event…. CARROT CAKE. Gosh, I live for carrot cake. I have yet to make this recipe, but you better believe I’m making it this weekend. Looks unreal.

Recipe Here

via: Minimalist Baker



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    • Thank you! For all of your lovely dairy free content. Among the rest .

      We’re catching onto the fact that one of our little ladies is not lactose intolerant but super dairy intolerant and I’m trying to eliminate it from her diet. Not the easiest thing at first with a super dairy household like this one! Papa eats half a container of yogurt for breakfast a day! We always have laughed and said dairy is like 3/4 of our fridge. I bought a bunch of things to try at TJ yesterday.

      Your resources and positive approach is really refreshing as we navigate it. She’s too young to talk about it and it’s too hard an issue to “identify” but it seems like dairy just really makes some people super super ill. Going to use this recipe list .

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