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Valentine’s Day is HAPPENING!

For the entire month of February, we dress like a human Valentine”¦because when else can you get away with wearing all of the red and pink at the same time?! While we refuse to admit this month will ever end, we do have to fill you in on a little secret: the last day to place your order to receive your hot pink and gold foil ABD box in time for Valentine’s Day is”¦TODAY! OMG. But, we totally have you covered.

We told you all about our favorite Valentine’s Day things here and here, but we’ve decided a super quick recap is in order! Get ready to purchase all of the pink, red, and gold things for all of your best Galentine’s and Valentine’s!


Favorite Pink Things


You probably know this, but pink is our favorite color! We love each and every shade, anything bright tends to win all of the awards! Our I Woke Up Like This mug always makes us feel like Beyonce (who else cannot wait to watch her on the Grammy’s on Sunday?!). But, we love our You’re Like Really Pretty mug just as much. Can’t you see this sitting on your BFF’s desk as a fancy reminder while she works? We’re convinced we run more miles while wearing our Whatever tank, which pairs almost too well with our Things To Do tumbler! And, who could forget our Peony phone case? It’s basically the best ever!



Favorite Red Things

We may love pink, but we love red just as much! You can’t be a human Valentine while only loving one color after all! We think our Be Strong & Courageous mug sets such a positive tone for the entire day. Who wouldn’t want to add one to their cart? Plus, our I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm mug is so C-U-T-E to use while we wait on spring! Your desk needs our All The Things Notebook, and your phone will look extra cute with our sassy Lips phone case! You basically need everything for your favorite girls! And then everyone needs to share. For real.



Favorite Gold Things

We cannot forget all of our favorite gold things. ALL THE FEELS, friends! Seriously, you need this mug. Also, how sweet is our Hello Sunshine! mug? It may be our absolutely favorite! Your day cannot be bad when it starts with sunshine. Does your sister need a pick-me-up at work? Pop our Like A Boss mug into your cart just for her. It’s like a constant pep talk. Then she will feel ready to write everything down again in her Totally Doable notepad.



Favorite Pair (Obviously!)

The absolute BEST thing for Valentine’s Day is always an adorable pairing! So, let us ship our Mr. Handsome and Mrs. Fancy Pants mug set to your parents, aunt and uncle, and your grandparents. Obviously, you and your Mr. Handsome need to share a set too! You’re about to be everyone’s favorite. Get ready, girl.



We love all of the Valentine’s Day things, and we know you do too! Make sure to add your favorites to your cart, so we can ship them for you! Our favorite L-O-V-E day is in less than a week!


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