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Good morning and Happy Friday to you! Today I wanted to share with you my newest and greatest obsession, Bhakti Chai Tea. When I was in Aspen a few weeks ago, I went to this restaurant called Meat and Cheese (hello, heaven!) and ordered a chai tea latte, and I am going to be real with you here–it was the best freaking thing I have ever had. Seriously. So much so that I flagged down the manager (insert crazy person here), and asked for all the details on how to remake this heavenly concoction. I really NEEDED to know. I think she saw the crazy in my eyes and told me everything. And since I have the world’s sweetest mother, she hunted this down for me and my life will be forever changed (thanks mom!). So here’s the deal, if you like Chai Tea Lattes as much as I do, you need to do yourself a favor and order some of this yummy goodness!

Happy weekend, Friends!




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  1. I was just as thrilled to find it at a woke foods. Bugged a guy and he sold me a gallon, 2 months of pure joy. And sadly I haven’t been able to get anymore. All good things must come to an end I guess. I found the website but it won’t allow me to buy just one and I don’t have enough room to store several jugs of tea. 🙁

  2. We couldn’t be more thrilled that you tried (and loved!) our spicy brew! It’s also magical as an ingredient in recipes (and cocktails) so now you have even more to love!

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