Ashley Brooke Designs - Light Blue Coat


5 Icy Blue Looks That Your Closet is Craving!

Swing Coat:

If this doesn’t make you look like Jackie O./ Grace Kelly/ Audrey Hepburn… then I’m not sure what will!

For $129, this is a pretty blue steal!

Buy it here


Ashley Brooke Designs - blue lace-up flats


Lace- Ups:


I may be the only girl on the planet who has yet to purchase a pair of lace-up flats, but these pretty sued blue ones are making me want to pull the trigger, especial for only $60!

Buy them here


Ashley Brooke Designs - fuzzy bunny key chain


Bunny Nose:

This is neither blue or something you really could wear, but I couldn’t help it. It’s a FUZZY BUNNY KEY CHAIN AND I NEED IT.

Also, it’s $12, so there is that.

Buy it here


Ashley Brooke Designs - Scalloped Skirt + Jacket


Business Scalloped

When an invitation says “Business Casual” I instantly freeze up, what does that even mean?! And, better yet, how do I look like me in business casual and not look like a wanna-be banker… the struggle here is so real. But then, I found this at ASOS and all seemed right in the world. If this doesn’t scream, I mean (pretty) business, then I do not know what does! Each separate is under $100, which is kind of amazing!

Buy it here.



Ashley Brooke Designs - Loren Hope Blue Studs


Ice Blue Ice

I have these, and I gave pretty much everyone on my Christmas list a pair. Seriously, these are my total go-to statement stud! Love them and you need them, $68.

Buy them here. 


Okay, you’r turn! What are some of your icy blue favorites?!





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