Ashley Brooke Designs- Inside My Travel Bag

Good morning and happy Friday to you! I am out of town this weekend– I left yesterday for a quick business trip to Atlanta so I thought a little peek into my favorite travel bag would be fun post today!

Here are some of my favorite essentials…

1. A massive water bottle, hydration (and sunscreen) is at the tippity top of my list. Also I’m fairly sure water cures everything. Growing up whenever we complained about any ache or pain my mom would always say “have a glass of water and you’ll be fine”. So I always feel safe with a ginormous bottle of water. Ha!

2. A fancy sketch book… I always get great ideas while waiting for planes, trains, and automobiles.

3. A pretty scarf, you know just in case you need to spruce up your look a bit.

4. A Luna bar or two… I am always hungry. always.

5. Red lipstick, because it fixes everything.

6. A little cosmetic bag for all your trinkets.

7. A simple watch, being prompt is très important.

8. The polish of choice, for touch ups.

9. The latest issue of VOGUE. Nothing makes you feel fancier than flipping through Vogue on a plane.

8. Your latest novel.

9. Hand cream… soft hands are happy hands.

10. Glasses, sometimes my contacts and I need to see other people.

11. A freshly sharpened #2 pencil for all that sketching!

12. Ear buds, so you can jam out to your favorite Selena Gomez song without everyone judging you.

13. el computadora

14. And of course an oh-so-fancy and cheeky laptop case, to protect the goods!

Happy travels!

P.S. you can keep up with my trip via instagram, facebook, and twitter!

Images: Longchamp Le Pliage, Smart Water,Sparrow Nest Script Notebook, Leif scarf (similar), Luna Bar,Chanel lipstick (similar), Vogue, k.slademade bag,Timex watch, Essie polish, Great Gatsby (similar),Kiehl’s lotion, Nine West Eyeglasses (similar), #2 Pencil, Skull Candy earbuds, MacBook, Kate Spade laptop case


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