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Good morning and happy Friday!

Since our big move we’ve been slowly changing paint colors, flooring, ripping down wallpaper… you name it, we’ve been doing it! The Home Depot and Lowes people practically know us by name! And the garden people especially get a kick out of me when I go in and ask for “you know, a-big-clippy-thing-to-trim-the-stray-leaves-off-the-bushes” they are patient and laugh and just say… “do you mean a hedge clipper?”. Anyway, we’ve come to working on our foyer and I am DYING to put up some fancy wall-covering to really kick it up a few notches!! I have an idea of what I’m looking for but I’m not really sold on anything in particular (so if you have any advice… send it over!) so I thought I’d share a few fun patterns that I’ve found so far. Oh, the possibilities are endless!!

I hope you have a lovely weekend, I’m sure I will spend a good portion of mine at some sort of hardware store!

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