ABD Lovely Finds: skirts + nails + books

This week’s lovely finds is all about my summer must haves…

Long skirts: I love that long skirts are in, I just recently purchased my first long skirt since the 7th grade and I had forgotten how much I love them!! Not only are long skirts super comfortable but they are also perfect for date night or just running around town!

Pretty Nails: I’ve always loved to paint my nails and have been known to go a little crazy in the nail polish aisle at Sephora, but lately I’ve been adding a touch of sparkle to my nails, once again something I haven’t done since the 7th grade! It’s fun and since I draw all day I am constantly looking down at my hands and paper so it is kinda fun to have a little sparkle every now and then!

Books: I was never a huge reader gowning up, but ever since college you couldn’t pry a book out of my hands if you wanted to! I just love to read and I am completely addicted to audio books as well. Like I mentioned above I spend most of my days drawing so I usually have some kind of audio book playing in the background. Needless to say I go through at least one book a week, and the Orange County Library and I are now besties!

Those are just a few of my favorite things this week…. what have you been crushin’ on lately??


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