ABD Lovely Finds: my favorite crafting tools

Good morning and happy Friday! This week’s lovely finds is all about my favorite crafting tools. Growing up my mom had a craft closet for my sister and I, and when I am running low on supplies in my studio sometimes I do a little drive by to raid her craft closet! Being creative was always a fun activity for me while growing up and now that my job is centered around being creative, I absolutely love everyday (well, most days!). But… sometimes I get in a creative rut and need to step away from my drawing table and pull out the good ole’ craft tools and whip up something just for fun! (P.S. That is how the Ashley Brooke Designs DIY video series got started… I had a creative block and needed to pull out the glitter!). So for me, it is verrrrry important for me to have a well stocked craft drawer/closet(<– thanks mom!).

Modge Podge– I use Modge Podge on EVERYTHING! As glue, as a sealent, as a primer….etc.

Martha Stewart Glitter– Similar to the Modge Podge, this too gets used on everything!

Glass Votives– Perfect for mixing that $.55 acrylic craft paint

Craft Paint Brushes– I distroy my craft brushes! So I buy them cheap so that I can dip them in hot glue and glitter!

Sponge brush – I have yet to find a craft that my sponge brushes don’t come in use for.. LOVE these things!

Acrylic paint – It’s cheap and it is fabulous!

Chalkboard Paint– Everything is better with chalkboard paint

Twine– I have a love affair with twine, I use it for all things.

Washi Tape– I have recently gotten into this pretty tape, I see pretty taped packages in my future this holiday season!

sharpies – If I was stranded on a desert island.. I would want my sharpies to be there with me.

What are some of your favorite crafting tools??

Image: Rustic Pencil Holder,

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