Ashley Brooke Designs- iPhone5 Cases

Good morning and happy Friday to you! I hope your day is off to a great start (aren’t Friday’s just the best?!).

Anyway, before you pack it up early and head out for some fun Fall activities this weekend, let’s talk about iPhone cases.

This week I ordered the new iPhone 5, for no other reason than the fact that my phone was literally dying. It dropped EVERY.SINGLE.CALL. and not to mention that it would yell at me all the time with scary alert buttons that would say things like “needs restoring”, “unable to send or receive calls”, or my personal favorite “deactivating” (<— what?!?). There is something clearly wrong with my phone (most likely a user induced problem, but none the less a problem.) so I got on board with the iPhone 5 hoop-la! And I would be totally lying if I didn’t tell you that I am très excited to receive said phone in the next few days, but before it comes in…. I need to order a case! So help a sister out, which one of these pretty little things should I pull the trigger on!? Thoughts?

Links// Stripes, Mint, Dots, B&W Stripe, Leopard, Sparkles, Floral, Yellow Stripe


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