Ashley Brooke's- Top 5 Fall Faves

Fall is my favorite season by far, there is nothing more I love than a pumpkin spice latte, and the smell of Fall in the air! Here are just a few of my Fall favorites I shared with Lili over at Swanky::Chic::Fete… I hope you enjoy!!

1. Fall Stationery: Nothing says back to school like freshly sharpened pencils and fresh stationery on my desk.

2. Red Wellies: What better way to keep your toes warm and dry than with these?!

3. Freshly Baked Bread: I love the sights and smells of Fall warming my kitchen, especially when there’s yummy fall food involved…like apple or pumpkin bread! Delish.

4. Plaid Scarf: Is there anything cozier than a scarf wrapped around your neck? I think not.  Plus, it’s hard to imagine autumn without some plaid.  It makes me feels like I’m in the mountains at my parents’ cabin!

5. Festive Decor: Come September 1, I pull out every pumpkin, leaf and acorn I can find to decorate my house from door to door.

Photo Sources: Fall Stationery, Red Wellies, Freshly Baked Bread, Plaid Scarf, Festive Decor


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