My #1 Rule: Do NOT leave the house without snacks.

Nourish Snacks Via Ashley Brooke Designs

Good morning and happy Friday to you!! Last night we packed a weekend bag and caught a flight to Dallas, TX to spend the weekend with my husband’s sweet family! I am so thrilled to be spending a few days hearing old stories, flipping through photo albums, and let’s be honest, eating some good ole’ Texas food! Since travel is on my mind, I thought that I would chat about my carryon bag, because really, that’s the only bag that counts! I know I have mentioned, like, one thousand times that I don’t leave the house without snacks, because I don’t. It’s a rule. I’m pretty sure the word “hangry” was created because of me. I am NOT a nice person when I am hungry, so I try to keep it under control and Nourish Snacks is my go-to. Here’s the deal: when I am hungry, I need real food, not like something from a drive-thru because basically it will make me sick, which is just counterintuitive, and usually when you are traveling, you are MILES away from anything that has an ounce of real nutrition; that’s where Nourish Snacks comes in! Not only are they yummy (OMGTHEYARESOGOOD!) but they are also good for you. Unlike a lot of granola bars that are mostly sugar, these little snack packs are full of protein and fiber, PLUS they have very low sugar and are gluten and dairy free… HELLO HEAVEN!! I seriously have boxes and boxes of these in my pantry, and I grab a water bottle and one or two Nourish Snacks and pop them in my handbag before I run out the door. It’s a great way for me to not ruin lives with my “hangry-ness”, and not make impulsive food decisions because I am starving (and yes I will eat 3 burritos from Taco Bell!). Really, Nourish is solving all of my life’s problems.

Nourish Snacks Via Ashley Brooke Designs


P.S. I even packed a box of these in my weekend bag, so while we are out and about this weekend I will have healthy snacks on the go! Seriously, you need Nourish Snacks in your life.

P.P.S. Use the code: FRIEND10 at check out with a purchase that is over $25 to get $10 off!! Now you really must give them a try!

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Nourish Snacks


Nourish Snacks Via Ashley Brooke Designs


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