Good Morning!

I just want say a huge THANK YOU for ordering our Valentines That Give and continuing to spread the word.  I am thrilled at the response and hope to get more orders this week.  In order to allow enough time for production and packaging and shipping and all that good stuff, Friday, January 22nd will be the last day to order Valentines That Give!  So please make sure you get your order in before then. 

And just so this morning provides you with a little morsel of etiquette, here’s a quick tip:
Last night’s Golden Globes were soaked with rain but that didn’t dampen the party.  Stars and their handlers were parading the red carpet with umbrellas in hand.  Did you know there is umbrella etiquette?? Here are some tips when wielding an umbrella (all courtesy of Emily Post’s Etiquette of course):
-Always unfurl an umbrella vertically, outdoors, not indoors.
-Raise the umbrella straight up when passing shorter pedestrians and lower it when passing taller ones.
-Don’t tip your umbrella so far forward that it impedes your vision of the oncoming pedestrian traffic

-Always carry a closed umbrella vertically, not horizontally under the arm.


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