Ashley Brooke Designs Weekend Lookbook 4|16-17Good morning and happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, my was busy busy with work, chores, and showers (I went to both a bridal and baby shower in the same day!). But I did get to squeeze a bit of time to relax, which was much needed!

Photo 1: On Saturday early evening I headed up to the Betsy and Luke’s family Beach house to visit with them, we had the best time and the beach couldn’t have been more beautiful! After a few hours on the beach we headed in to get cleaned up for a dinner and ice cream outing… needless to say it was a lovely way to spend the evening!

Photo 2: My oh-so-sweet husband surprised me with these beautiful tulips on Sunday morning. He had to work really late on Saturday and thought it might be a nice surprise for me to wake up Sunday morning and spot these babies next to an adorable little note on a folded up piece of printer paper…  what a charmer!

Photo 3: My sister also had her last bridal shower this weekend. It was SO lovely and I can’t believe my baby sister (by 2 years) is getting married in a mere 38 days!! Speaking of which I need to get my Matron of Honor dress altered like ASAP!

I am now off to try and dig myself out of my to-do list, enjoy your Monday and Happy Easter week!

xxoo- AB


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