Ashley Brooke Designs Weekend Lookbook 12-10-11

Good morning and happy Monday! Can you believe it is December 12th?!? I want December to sloooooow down, there is still so much to do! Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful weekend, here is a tiny peek at what mine looked like:

Photo 1. Since we don’t get snow in Florida, we do the best we can with “snoap” (soap bubbles that looks like snow, sort of). Every year my husband and I go down to Celebration, FL so I can play in the “snow” with the rest of the 5 year olds. It’s silly, I know, and  I love it. We have so much fun getting hot chocolate, taking goofy pictures, and pretending it’s cold outside. It is one of my very favorite things to do each year!

Photo 2: Each year my mom, sister, and I get together and make Christmas cookies. We have so much fun making a total MESS, and each year our cookies look better and better… and now that my sister is a Pastry Chef, our baking skills have improved immensely! We’ve graduated from using cut off zip lock bags and supermarket food coloring  to real piping bags and the fancy food coloring! My mom and I still don’t know what we are doing… so we are super thankful that we now have a Chef in the family to give us all the instructions!

Photo 3. We got an Elf on the Shelf this year, on a total whim…. we should not be left alone in Target. We just thought it would be funny to have, but it has turned into a hysterical game. We switch off every other night to hide “Philip” (yes, we named him) and in the morning one of us is usually yelling Phhhhiillllipppp! Like how on Saturday I found the entire bag of jumbo marshmallows dumped out and Philip, just sitting on top of the marshmallow mountain. It’s become a bit of a competition.

I hope your Monday is off to a great start! Cheers to a productive week! Also, stay tuned this week”¦ we have lot of good stuff in store!


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