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Audible: the best thing ever. 

Every year, probably like most of you, I add “Read More Books” to the top of my goal list for the year. I love to read, but I rarely have time to, unless it’s in an airplane when, usually, I fall right to sleep! So each and every year I always end up disappointed in myself for my lack of reading (which is silly, since, let’s be real, it’s not like I sat around like a couch potato all year long, I was busy doing stuff!) A few years ago I decided, that’s it, I am going to figure out a way to get books into my brain if it is the last thing I do! So I signed up for an Audible subscription and I have quite literally NEVER looked back! 

Now don’t get me wrong: I still read real live tangible books, but if I only get 2.5 pages into the book at night before I fall fast asleep, I no longer get angry at myself for not being a “reader” (because I listened to 2 books in the past 30 days, and if you ask me… that’s pretty darn good!). 


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The best part about Audible is that I can listen to books while I working, driving, cooking, running, gardening, folding laundry, etc., etc.! I quite literally never stop. I devour books now, and it is THE best! I’ve gotten my husband hooked as well, which is so much fun since we can listen to them on road trips. Last month alone we listened to The Martian and The Big Short together–both I’d highly recommend. And just last week I started (and almost finished) Tales from the Back Row, which by the way is hilarious! 


So those of you who are like me and are dying to get your hands on more books this year but short on time? Consider yourself now a full-time reader!

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Audible- Ashley Brooke Designs

Below I linked to a few of my favorites I’ve recently listened to!

P.S. Audible gives its first month away for free, so if you ask me it’s totally worth a shot! Plus, if you hate the book you can return it (I’ve done this a few times!) and get a refund. That way you’re not stuck with tons of books you couldn’t finish. Seriously friends, it’s the best. 


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