Air travel can be very stressful.  Between security and checking luggage and anxiety about flying, it can certainly get the best of us at times.  That being said, there are some things are just NOT OK, no matter what!  Here are a few faux pas:

1.  Treating Flight Attendants Poorly: Flight attendants are not servants.  Don’t make unreasonable demands upon them and be sure and treat them with respect.

2.  Loitering in the Aisle: Most common on international flights or long cross-country ones, don’t stand in the aisle and chat with friends.  Crowding the aisle can hamper flight attendants from doing their job and with limited space standing around can make your other passengers feel crowded.

3.  Drinking too Much: Public drunkenness is never in line with proper etiquette.  Particularly on an airplane where you are in close proximity to other passengers and find yourself in a confined space.  Be especially mindful of this if you are flying to meet a prospective client or business associate.  It would be a major faux pas to greet them with alcohol on their breath.

4.  Being a Smelly Susan: Some people think that as long you smell “good,” it can’t be offensive.  Be mindful of odors pleasant and unpleasant.  Both sweaty socks when you take off your shoes and your favorite perfume can offend passengers.  Any strong smell in such small space can affect others around you.


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