Since the Mr. and I are in NYC this week for the stationery show, I thought we could cover some travel tips on our etiquette posts! Luggage is a hot topic these days.  It seems like everywhere you look there’s a fee here and a fee there from your favorite airline.  Regardless of what you bring and how much they charge, here are some pointers on how to practice good “luggage etiquette.”

Man and Woman standing with suitcases

{image via We Heart It}

As you board your plane, keep your shoulder bag or carry-on in front of you, not on your shoulder.  This way you’ll avoid hitting any of the other passengers.  If your bag is small enough stow under your seat and if not try and put it in the overhead bin.  Overhead bins are first come, first serve.  If you can’t find a space ask a flight attendant to help you find space.  If worse comes to worse, you luggage may have to go in the cargo hold.  As frustrating as that may be, remember not to take it out on the flight attendant, it’s not his or her fault.


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