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Ashley Brooke’s Guide to Hilton Head, SC: 


Good morning everyone and Happy Wednesday! I hope you all have had a fantastic start to the week. As you probably know (via Instagram), we have spent the last few days in Hilton Head, SC mixing a little work with pleasure. We got a chance to do just about all the things on our to-do list, and pretty much ate our way through the town! I thought I would share just a few of the things we did this trip! Obviously, there are SO MANY more things we’ve done and seen on other trips, but this was full of magical things, so I thought I’d share!


Ashley Brooke Designs - Hilton Head Island


Where To Stay in Hilton Head:

We stayed at the Sonesta Hilton Head Resort and Spa.

WOW, it’s lovely! If you haven’t spent a few nights in the comfy beds at Sonesta, then you aren’t living. They have amazing restaurants, a fabulous pool, and did I mention a spa?! It’s a must-go place if you are in town. On the Sonesta property, you can rent bikes, stop by the snow cone stand, and have direct access to the beach. You can’t go wrong here!


What To See in Hilton Head:

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The Charming Town: Hilton Head Island is so incredibly dreamy; from the sweet beachside neighborhoods to the adorable town! We just took our little bikes everywhere and explored! 


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The Sunsets: I love a good sunset, especially when it is THIS pretty! Holy wow! Hilton Head Island Sunsets are a M-U-S-T!


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The Beaches: I am from Florida, so it’s hard to impress me with a beach, but the beaches in HHI were beautiful! Each morning I got up and went for an early run and listened to the waves crash in–so beautiful! BONUS… Sonesta offers Beachside Yoga in the mornings and you better believe I was hitting that up! AMAZING. 


What To Do in Hilton Head:


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Honey Horn Plantation: We were told to stop by the Honey Horn Plantation for yummy jam and the Butterfly Enclosure, and let me just stop you right here and tell you to G-O. The Butterfly Enclosure was so neat. I honestly felt like I was in a fairytale! It’s amazing!


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Rent Bikes: We rented bikes from Sonesta and it was the very best thing we did! We biked EVERYWHERE and it was awesome. If you are going to Hilton Head Island, a bike is a must! 


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Arum Spa: On Monday morning, I had a little “treat yo’ self” morning with a trip the (new to Hilton Head Island) Arum Spa! It was so lovely and the staff was incredibly sweet. The perfect Monday morning treat!


Where to Eat and Drink in Hilton Head:

Heyward’s Restaurant: We ate at Heyward’s for breakfast one morning and for dinner one night. Let me just say this: their biscuits and blue-cheese-honey-butter will change your life.


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Room Service(!!!): I literally L-I-V-E for room service. Literally. It’s such a fun little luxury that I never do, so when it happens, it is magical! Thank you, Sonesta for the TREAT!


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Fiesta Fresh: I love a fish taco! Seriously. We biked from our hotel to Fiesta Fresh because we were told it was the best, and it did not disappoint! #willbikefortacos

Poseidon: I asked for recommendations from everyone I met in HHI, and all of them agreed: Poseidon for dinner! I am so glad we did (even if we got WAAAAY overdressed!); the food was amazing and so was the view. *Tip: Go at sunset!


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Coligny Deli + The Ice Cream Cone: The first thing we did when we arrived in Hilton Head was hop on our bikes and seek out an ice cream shop, because… #priorities. We stumbled upon Coligny Deli and were soooo happy we did! Yum.



So that concludes my trip to Hilton Head Island! It was a magical stay and I cannot wait to return! If you have your own tips, recommendations, or experiences from Hilton Head, be sure to leave them in the comments. I can’t wait to ready them!


Ashley Brooke

A Guide To Hilton Head Island, SC - Ashley Brooke Designs

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