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Organized Travel Makes Me So Happy!

Friends, today we are catching a red-eye to Paris, and I cannot contain my excitement! I might be skipping as we board our plane… seriously, I’m that girl. In getting prepped for this trip, I was, of course, on the hunt for the perfect carryon bag–one that could literally hold all. the. things. That’s when I came across Lo & Sons O.G. Bag. You know how I feel about Lo & Sons. How can one company create the answer to every one of my bag lady problems? I’m going to be really real with you: this O.G. bag is magical. Not kidding. This is not even close to a trick, all of this (see below) fits into this (see below below) nifty bag, and it’s kind of unreal. 


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Lo & Sons The O.G. Bag c/o, Dolce Avenue Tassel Keychain c/o, Burberry Sunnies, Warby Parker Glasses, J.Crew sneakers, Paris Book, Emergen-C, Lara Bar, Happy Plugs c/o, Perpetual Shade Eye Mask, French Book, ABD Touch Ups Zip Pouch, J.Crew Magic Wallet, Rosebud Chapstick, doTerra Oils, Graphic Image Passport Cover c/o


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I love all the little secret pockets and zippers to hold the extra important things! Perfect for your passport and wallet. And of course, let’s just talk about how pretty it is! The outside of the bag is an amazing heather gray and is a cotton blend, which means it’s soft and easy to clean, because nothing is dirtier than an airport. #ew. Also, how pretty is that lining? I mean, come on people. 


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How many times have you gotten back to your house after a trip and realized you have no earthly clue where your keys are!???! OMG this happens to me each and every time. <—that is not a joke. But friends, never again I tell you, NEVER AGAIN!

If you are looking for that new perfect carryon bag, I’ve found it for you! PLUS–the O.G. in Heather is officially on SALE! #winning. Scoop it up before all of those holiday travels; you might be stressed from the hustle and bustle of the season, but your packing will be a breeze! 


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It’s official, we are packed and ready… Paris, here we come! 


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In Partnership with Lo&Sons.

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