Floral How-To: July’s Simple Arrangement Twist

So simple and colorful… you can do it, too!

I was so excited to jump back into our how-to floral series this month (see April and May’s tutorials!) but it turned out to be harder than I first thought! Here’s what happened… I stopped by three grocery stores and not a single one had, what I would call, a good selection. It was mostly carnations, filler flowers, and pre-packaged bouquets. Where were my hydrangeas? Fluffy roses? Lush greenery? Even the tulips felt a little bit sad.

So by my third stop (the ever faithful Trader Joe’s), I decided I’d just grab what I could to make something simple and sweet—and decided to put them together using one of my favorite little flower tricks, the twist! And, to be fair, this vase was just begging for some attention.

Juliska vase // Virginia Dare dress c/o “ASHLEYBROOKE” for 10% off! // gardening shears

Also, the more I thought about it, the more I felt like yes, we love a full arrangement… but what do we do if we just want something small and simple?! Not every occasion calls for something big!

So I thought it would be fun to breakdown how to put together a small and simple floral twist. It’s so easy, and can even make the smallest flowers feel purposeful and clean. Now let’s arrange!

What I Bought From Trader Joe’s (Total $23.96)

4 bunches of Godetia plant

ashley brooke florals
Floral Arrangement How-To

Quick tip! If you want something small that will feel a bit more sophisticated, try buying all the same flower type, like I did here. I hoped for a true variety of color, but since I knew it would be on the smaller side I wanted to keep it feeling very minimal and streamlined… which I was able to do by buying the same flower in a few shades.

Step 1: Remove leaves.

Always the first and most important step! You definitely don’t want those leaves in the water.

Step 2: Make a pyramid.

This is a key step for the twist! I like to make a pyramid with the colors in a line, so when they twist it feels like they were placed stragically.

Step 3: Clear band the bundle.

Grab a clear hair-tie and bundle the flowers, securing the hie-tie high up on the stems.

Step 4: Snip the ends.

Give the stems a good clean CHOP.

Step 5: Twist!

This is the fun part! Place the stems in the vase and with the stems on firmly at the bottom of the vase twist the top of the stems… and voila! A twisted bouquet.

Step 6: And enjoy!

Doesn’t this bouquet feel purposeful and sophisticated? You’d never know I was looking for something else. Plus, this is the perfect arrangement for your dinner table because it’s a great conversation height!

I realize this isn’t rocket science, but sometimes simple is exactly what your table needs! So hopefully if you’ve been weary to try your hand at floral arranging this little trick with give you the boost you need to just go for it.

Fingers crossed this gets your creative floral ideas flowing, and if it does, I’d LOVE to see what you come up with. Make sure to tag me on Instagram so I can re-share!

Happy arranging, friends! xx


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  1. Such a nice instructional post! I like it! I’ve been arranging flowers for years, but this is such a nice tutorial, I’d love to share it in my weekly newsletter if that’s okay!

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